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August 31, 2001

MFN 01-046

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Subject: Stability Reload Licensing Calculations Using Generic DIVOM Curve
Reference: MFN 01-025, Stability Reload Licensing Calculations Using Generic DIVOM Curve, from Jason S. Post, GENE, Manager Engineering Quality & Safety Evaluations, June 29, 2001, 01-01NRC.DOC.

This letter provides final information concerning the non-conservative reload licensing calculations for stability Option III detect and suppress trip systems. The non-conservatism could result in Option III stability trip system setpoints which do not provide adequate Minimum Critical Power Ratio (MCPR) Safety Limit protection. The affected plants are in two categones:

  • Category 1: The Option III trip system (known as the Oscillation Power Range Monitor - OPRM) has been installed and armed. These plants have an existing non-conservative reload licensing analysis for the Option III trip system setpoint.

  • Category 2: A commitment has been made to implement the Option III trip system, but it is not yet installed, or has not completed its checkout run and licensing analysis. However, commitments for implementation of the system may be affected.

The Category 1 and 2 plants are listed in Attachment 1. This final notification is provided under 10 CFR Part 21.21(d) as a reportable condition for the Category 1 plants which have reload licensing calculations performed by GE-NE, and as a transfer of information under 10 CFR Part 21.21(b) for the Category 1 plant which has reload licensing calculations not performed by GE-NE. The licensees for all Category 2 plants have also been notified. The BWROG is informed of this issue and has re-established the stability Detect & Suppress Committee to lead resolution of this issue. This final notification identifies all the affected plants, lists the actions taken and planned, and provides the final advice on this issue.

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