Part 21 Report - 2001-211



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August 24, 2001

U.S. Nuclear Regulator Commission
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Subject: 10 CFR 2I Reporting of Defects and Non-Compliance - Engine Systems, Inc. Report No. 10CFR2I-0082, Rev. 2

Woodward electronic controls with electrolytic capacitors

Dear Sir:

The enclosed report addresses a reportable notification about service life of electrolytic capacitors in Woodward controls. The report has been revised to update listing of affected Woodward controls known at this time.

A copy of the report has also been sent to the NRC.

Please sign below, acknowledging receipt of this report, and return a copy to the attention of Document Control at the address above (or, fax to number 252/446-1134) within 10 working days after receipt.

Yours very truly,



Susan Woolard
Document Control

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