Part 21 Report - 2001-113


   Entergy Nuclear Northeast
Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc.
James A FitzPatrick NPP
P.O. Box 110
Lycoming NY 13093
Tel 315 349 6024 Fax 315 349 6480

T. A. Sullivan
Vice President, Operations-JAF

May 4,2001

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Attn; Document Control Desk
Mail Station P1-137
Washington, D.C. 20555

Subject: James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant
Docket No.50-333

10 CFR Part 21 Notification
Electric Pilot Valve in a Replacement Governor Actuator Installed in the 'A' Emergency Diesel Generator, Manufactured by Woodward Governor and Refurbished by Engine Systems, Inc., Determined to be Sticking

Dear Sir:

This report is being submitted in accordance with 10CFR21 .21(d) to address a reportable defect. The defect deals with a replacement governor actuator which was installed in the 'A' Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG). The governor actuator electric pilot valve was determined to be sticking. The governor actuator was manufactured by Woodward Governor and was refurbished by Engine Systems, Inc., who is a certified Woodward Governor supplier. The defect was identified during troubleshooting activities after the A' EDG tripped during post-maintenance operability testing. See the Attachment for specific details.

There are no commitments contained in this report.

Questions concerning this report may be addressed to Mr. Timothy Page, at (315)349-6209.

Very truly yours,

T. A. Sullivan



cc: USNRC, Region 1
USNRC, Project Directorate
USNRC Resident Inspector
INPO Records Center
Engine Systems, Inc.



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