Part 21 Report - 2000-240


October 18,2000

Document Control Desk
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555

Subject: Product Advisory Letter PAL 101800

Report per 10 CFR Part 21

Failure to Meet ZPA Rating On Type CO-4 Relay

Notification by: ABB Automation Inc.
Substation Automation & Protection Division
4300 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065

This letter is a notification of a deviation concerning the Class 1E type CO-4 relay style number 1345D85A01.

On October 2,2000 it was learned that a documentation error was made which caused the COA relay to be built with an incorrect component on the solid-state timer assembly, resulting in a ZPA rating of 4.6g rather than 5.7g.

To correct this error, the documentation has been revised to specify the correct information for the solid-state timer assembly.

Our records show there is one customer (ABB Power T&D Company Inc. located in Florence, SC) who purchased three relays of style 1345D85A01 in September, 1997. This customer shall be notified promptly.

Questions regarding this notification should be directed to the Substation Automation & Protection Division, Coral Springs, FL Total Quality Manager at (954)752-6700.

Russell W. Gonnam Nevett B. Winfree

Total Quality Manager General Manager

ABB Automation Inc.

Substation Automation 4300 Coral Ridge DrIve Telephone: (954) 752-6700

& Protection Division Coral Springs. FL 33065 Telefax: (954) 345-5329

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