Part 21 Report - 2000-171

Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Company

Amended June 30, 2000
June 26,2000

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington D.C. 20555

Attn: Document Control Desk

Subject: 10CFR Part 21 Report
Design defect in Split Ring Retainer (Drawing B65573).

This report is written to satisfy the requirements of paragraph 21.21.4. The numbering of the information given here correlates with the numbering in 21.21.4:

(i) Bill Shaffer Director of Operations
Ingersoll-Dresser Pump
5715 Bickett Street
Huntington Park, CA 90255
(ii) Split Ring Retainer
Drawing B65573 Rev. 0
For 2" RLIJ Charging Pump
Pump Serial Numbers 51899/900/901/902
(iii) Ingersoll-Dresser Pump
5715 Bickett Street
Huntington Park, Ca 90255

(iv) The Split Ring Retainer (Drawing B65573 Rev. 0 ) specifies a drilled and counter bored bolt hole diameter too large to allow the bolting to secure this retainer in its intended position. Based on an evaluation of this condition, it has been determined that this design defect could allow the subject Split Ring Retainer and other adjacent parts including the Split Ring Retainer bolting, split ring arid pressure reducing sleeve to move out of position. This could result in a seal failure or a catastrophic pump failure.

(v) IDP Huntington Park was informed of this defect on 6-22-00

(vi) Three defective split ring retainers were manufactured. The location of all three are known to IDP-HP. Three were shipped to STP Nuclear Operating Co. One of the defective split ring retainers was installed and put into service at STP.

(vii) On June 23rd Dennis Stark of STP was notified of the defective split ring retainer and that it could result in a catastrophic failure. Replacement split ring retainers with corrected design will be shipped by June 30, 2000.

(viii) IDP -HP advised Dennis Stark of STP that the pump will the installed defective split ring retainer should be taken out of service.

If further information is required please contact myself, Darrell Moyer, or Kathy



Bill Shaffer

Director of Operations

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