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CONTACTS: Robert T. Agee
Quality Assurance Manager

Larry Zett
Director, Service and Tech Support

November 16, 1999

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Document Control Desk
Washington, DC 20555

Subject: 10CFR Part 21 Notification, Westronics Model 1200BC Recorders

This letter is a notification of a defect associated with Westronics 1200BC recorders built under the Westronics 10CFR 50 Appendix B Program.

On or about November 11, 1999 Westronics determined that five Westronics Series 1200B Commercial Grade recorders caused a short to ground upon installation at Grand Gulf Station Unit 2. Further investigation revealed that the harness assembly drawing for DC power input (Westronics Part # HN 101168) could have been mis-interpreted regarding wire color coding/pin location during harness assembly, thereby resulting in a power to chassis ground short. Inspection of DC Power Input Wiring Harnesses for 1200B recorders revealed that of approximately 135 harnesses in stock, 118 were wired incorrectly.

There have been no reported field failures of Westronics series 1200B Safety Related recorders. Although the anomaly has been identified in Commercial Grade Recorders only, three Westronics 1200BC Safety Related Recorders installed at the following locations could be affected:

Customer/Installed Location Serial Number Date Shipped
Entergy/River Bend Station 121BC7042 07/01/98
The Illuminating Co. Perry Station 122BC7047

Westronics is sending this notification to the above listed customers.

Thermo Electron_______________________________

Westronics Inc.�22001 North Park Drive, Suite 100�Kingwood, TX 77339-3804

Phone: 281/348-1800� Fax: 2811348-1288

E-mail: westron@westronics.com�http://www.westronics. com

Westronics Design Engineering has developed a test to be provided to all customers of Series 1200B Commercial Grade recorders, to determined if the defective DC Power Input Harness Assemblies are installed. Westronics will provide new DC Power Input Harness Assemblies, along with installation instructions, to all purchasers of Nuclear Safety Related Recorders. It is estimated that dedicated harnesses will be shipped within 5 working days of acknowledgment of this notification.

A follow-up report will be issued within sixty days.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the undersigned.


Robert T. Agee
Quality Assurance Manager

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