Part 21 Report - 1998-501

ACCESSION #: 9807170287 Reportability Requirement This is Mark Kelly from American Electric Power, D.C. Cook Units 1 and 2, calling with an initial NRC notification that event number 34427, previously reported by D. C. Cook on June 23, 1998, has been determined to also be reportable under 10 CFR Part 21. The component supplier (Westinghouse) has been provided a copy of this report. A written 10 CFR Part 21 report will be submitted by August 10, 1998. *** THE FOLLOWING WAS REPORTED ON JUNE 23, 1998 AS EVENT #34427 *** Background The ice condenser consists of 24 bays, each of which contain 81 ice baskets for a total of 1,944 ice baskets per unit. The ice baskets are approximately 48 feet high and 1 foot in diameter, and are restrained so that they do not eject during design basis accident blowdown forces. This restraint is achieved by a u-bolt arrangement connected to a Cross bar on the bottom of the ice basket. On January 12, 1998, an ENS call was made by D.C. Cook to report damage to ice condenser baskets. More detail on the ice condenser damage was provided in LER 98-08-01. Today's report is related to manufacturing defects rather than damage. Event Defective and missing welds have been found on the ice basket bottom cross bar and bottom basket grids during an inspection of the unit I ice condenser. Although preliminary analyses have indicated that the presence of defective welds on the bottom cross bar may be acceptable, The aggregate effect of missing with defective welds on both the bottom cross bar and bottom grid structure has been determined to constitute an unanalyzed condition. It is expected that similar conditions will be found in the unit 2 ice condenser ice baskets. Corrective Action The investigation of this condition is ongoing. The defective ice basket bottom rims will be replaced or repaired as appropriate. A written 10 CFR Part 21 update will be submitted within 30 days. POWER REACTOR EVENT NUMBER: 34427 FACILITY: COOK REGION: 3 NOTIFICATION DATE: 06/23/98 UNIT: [1] [2] [ ] STATE: MI NOTIFICATION TIME: 10:19 [ET] RX TYPE: [1] W-4-LP, [2] W-4-LP EVENT DATE: 06/23/98 EVENT TIME: 08:07 [EDT] NRC NOTIFIED BY: MARK KELLY LAST UPDATE DATE: 07/10/98 HQ OPS OFFICER: FANGIE JONES NOTIFICATIONS EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: MIKE JORDAN RDO ADAS 50.72(b)(2)(i) DEG/UNANALYZED COND CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH VERN HODGE NRR UNIT SCRAM CODE IRX CRIT INIT PWR INIT RX MODE CURR PWR CURR RX MODE 1 N N 0 COLD SHUTDOWN 0 COLD SHUTDOWN 2 N N 0 COLD SHUTDOWN 0 COLD SHUTDOWN EVENT TEXT ICE CONDENSER BASKETS FOUND IN UNANALYZED CONDITION THE LICENSEE DISCOVERED, DURING AN INSPECTION OF UNIT ONE ICE CONDENSER, MISSING AND OR DEFECTIVE WELDS ON THE BOTTOM CROSSBAR AND BOTTOM BASKET GRIDS OF THE ICE CONDENSER BASKETS. THE LICENSEE EXPECTS TO FIND SIMILAR CONDITIONS IN THE UNIT TWO ICE CONDENSER. THIS CONDITION IS UNANALYZED AND AN INVESTIGATION WILL CONTINUE INTO THE CAUSE OF THESE CONDITIONS. THE CONDITION IS BEING REVIEWED FOR REPORTABILITY UNDER 10CFR PART 21. THE DEFECTIVE ICE BASKET BOTTOM RIMS WILL BE REPAIRED OR REPLACED AS APPROPRIATE BEFORE ENTERING PLANT STARTUP. THE LICENSEE INFORMED THE NRC RESIDENT INSPECTOR. *** UPDATE ON 7/10/98 @ 1704 BY KELLY TO GOULD *** THE LICENSEE IS CONSIDERING THIS CONDITION TO BE A PART 21 REPORT SINCE THEY DETERMINED THE REPORTED ICE CONDENSER DAMAGE IS MORE OF A MANUFACTURING DEFECT THAN DAMAGE. IT IS EXPECTED THAT SIMILAR CONDITIONS WILL BE FOUND ON UNIT 2. THE RESIDENT INSPECTOR WAS INFORMED. THE REG 3 RDO (GARDNER) WAS NOTIFIED. VERN HODGE (NRR) WAS NOTIFIED. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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