Part 21 Report - 1998-471

ACCESSION #: 9806110219 POWER REACTOR NUMBER: 34363 FACILITY: GINNA REGION: 1 NOTIFICATION DATE: 06/08/98 UNIT: [1] [ ] [ ] STATE: NY NOTIFICATION TIME: 11:49 [ET] RX TYPE: [1] W-2-LP EVENT DATE: 06/08/98 EVENT TIME: 00:00[EDT] NRC NOTIFIED BY: WHITE LAST UPDATE DATE: 06/08/98 HQ OPS OFFICER: CHAUNCEY GOULD NOTIFICATIONS EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: RICHARD BARKLEY RDO CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH HODGE NRR UNIT SCRAM CODE RX CRIT INIT PWR INIT RX MODE CURR PWR CURR RX MODE 1 N Y 100 POWER OPERATION 100 POWER OPERATION EVENT TEXT THIS PART 21 INVOLVES RECEIVING A REFURBISHED DB-25 CIRCUIT BREAKER WITH A MISSING PART. THE LICENSEE RECEIVED A REFURBISHED DB-25 CIRCUIT BREAKER(REFURBISHED IN 1992) FROM WESTINGHOUSE REPLACEMENT COMPONENTS SERVICES, MONROEVILLE, PA. THE REFURBISHED BREAKER WAS RETURNED TO THE LICENSEE WITH A MISSING PIN IN THE OPERATING MECHANISM. THE ABSENCE OF THIS PIN IS BELIEVED TO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE FAILURE OF THE "SWP1B" CIRCUIT BREAKER TO CLOSE ON A MANUAL SIGNAL FROM THE MAIN CONTROL BOARD. THIS ALSO IMPLIES THAT THE POTENTIAL EXISTS FOR THE BREAKER NOT TO CLOSE ON AN AUTOMATIC DEMAND AND THEREFORE NOT BE AVAILABLE TO PERFORM ITS SAFETY FUNCTIONS. THERE ARE 41 PERMANENTLY INSTALLED DB-25 BREAKERS IN THE SCREEN HOUSE AND TURBINE BUILDINGS AT THE SITE. ALL OF THE REMAINING BREAKERS WERE VISUALLY INSPECTED TO VERIFY THE PIN IN QUESTION WAS INSTALLED. NO OTHER BREAKERS WERE FOUND TO BE MISSING THE PIN. THE RESIDENT INSPECTOR WAS NOTIFIED. RGandE ROCHESTER GAS AND ELECTRIC CORPORATION 89 EAST AVENUE, ROCHESTER, N.Y. 14649-0001 JOSEPH A. WIDAY TELEPHONE Plant Manager AREA CODE 718 546-2700 Ginna Nuclear Plant June 8, 1998 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Operations Center Facsimile Number 301-816-5151 Telephone Number 301-816-5100 Subject: Initial Notification of 10 CFR Part 21 Defect R.E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant Docket No. 50-244 In accordance with 10 CFR Part 21, Reporting of Defects and Noncompliance, Section 21 (d) (3) (i), which requires "Initial notification by facsimile", the enclosed initial notification is provided. Written notification, in accordance with 10 CFR Part 21, Section 21 (d) (3) (ii) will be provided by July 2, 1998. Very truly yours, Joseph A. Widay Enclosures Page 1 10CFR21 INITIAL FACSIMILE NOTIFICATION I. NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE INDIVIDUAL INFORMING THE COMMISSIONS NAME: Joseph A. Widay ADDRESS: Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation 89 East Avenue Rochester, New York 14649 II. IDENTIFICATION OF THE FACILITY, THE ACTIVITY, OR THE BASIC COMPONENT SUPPLIED FOR SUCH FACILITY WHICH FAILS TO COMPLY OR CONTAINS A DEFECT: The facility is the R.E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant. The basic component is a Westinghouse DB-25 circuit breaker. This component was installed at Ginna Station in a Class 1E Safety Related 480 Volt AC bus. The breaker was the power supply feed breaker for the "B" Service Water Pump (52/SWP1B). III. IDENTIFICATION OF THE FIRM CONSTRUCTING THE FACILITY OR SUPPLYING THE BASIC COMPONENT WHICH FAILS TO COMPLY OR CONTAINS A DEFECT: The DB-25 circuit breaker were refurbished by: Westinghouse Replacement Component Services Westinghouse Electric Corporation Nuclear Services Division Haymaker and Northern Pike Road Monroeville, PA 15146 The current refurbishment site is: Westinghouse Electric Corporation Assembly & Test Facility Cheswick Site 2000 Cheswick Avenue Cheswick, PA 15024-1358 IV. NATURE OF THE DEFECT OR FAILURE TO COMPLY AND THE SAFETY HAZARD WHICH IS CREATED OR COULD BE CREATED BY SUCH DEFECT OR FAILURE TO COMPLY: The refurbished DE-25 circuit breaker was returned to Ginna Station with a missing pin in the operating mechanism. The absence of this pin is believed to have contributed to the failure of the SWP1B circuit breaker to close on a manual signal from the Main Control Board. This implies that the potential exists that the breaker would not close on an auto demand and therefore not be available to perform its safety functions. Page 2 V. THE DATE ON WHICH THE INFORMATION OF SUCH DEFECT OR FAILURE TO COMPLY WAS OBTAINED: The information was obtained on May 13, 1998. An attempt was made to start the "B" Service Water Pump during testing and it failed to close on a manual signal from the Main Control Board. During the troubleshooting the missing part was discovered. VI. IN THE CASE OF A BASIC COMPONENT WHICH CONTAINS A DEFECT OR FAILS TO COMPLY, THE NUMBER AND LOCATION.OF ALL SUCH COMPONENTS IN USE AT, SUPPLIED FOR, OR BEING SUPPLIED FOR GINNA STATION: There are forty-one, permanently installed DB-25 breakers in the Screen House and Turbine Buildings at Ginna Station. Of these, eleven breakers are Class 1E Safety Related. VII. THE CORRECTIVE ACTION WHICH HAS BEEN, IS BEING, OR WILL BE TAKEN; THE NAME OF THE INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTION; AND THE LENGTH OF TIME THAT HAS BEEN OR WILL BE TAKEN TO COMPLETE THE ACTION: A spare DB-25 circuit breaker was inspected, tested and installed to restore the "B" Service Water Pump to service. All of the remaining DB-25 breakers were visually inspected to verify that the pin in question was installed. No other breakers were found to be missing the pin. VIII. ANY ADVICE RELATED TO THE DEFECT OR FAILURE TO COMPLY ABOUT THE FACILITY, ACTIVITY, OR BASIC COMPONENT THAT HAS BEEN, IS BEING, OR WILL BE GIVEN TO PURCHASERS OR LICENSEES: Both in-service and receipt inspections can verify the presence of the pin in question. It should be noted that the "B" Service Water Pump breaker was refurbished in 1992. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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