Part 21 Report - 1998-460

ACCESSION #: 9806040203 INTEGRATED RESOURCES, INC. Notification Number: 34272 May 21, 1998 Document Control Desk U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 NAME AND ADDRESS OF INDIVIDUAL INFORMING THE COMMISSION: John Brosemer P.O. Box 310 Integrated Resources, Inc. 113 South Nineth St. Nebraska City, NE. 68410 FACILITY, ACTIVITY, OR BASIC COMPONENT WHICH FAILS TO COMPLY OR CONTAINS A DEFECT: Electronic equipment repaired or reworked by Integrated Resources, Inc. from approximately 1/1/93 to 5/1/98. IDENTITY OF FIRM SUPPLYING COMPONENT: Integrated Resources, Inc. 113 South Nineth Street Nebraska City, NE. 68410 NATURE OF THE DEFECT AND THE ASSOCIATED SAFETY HAZARD Nine Mile Point Unit 1: GEMAC Rack Mounted Controller Model Number: 50-543041FAAZ1 Serial Number: 444613888 Robert E. Ginna Station: Foxboro Proportional Controller Model Number: 62H-2E Serial number: 1891383B P.O.BOX 310 o NEBRASKA CITY, NE 68410 o (402) 873-5859 Foxboro M/66R Dynamic Compensator Model Number: 66RT OLB Serial Number: 1976469 Each of the above listed items was found to have 1 Capacitor in each unit installed with reverse polarity. This could cause the units to fail to operate however, units returned Integrated Resources, Inc. to date have been fully functional. DATE THE INFORMATION WAS DETERMINED: May 19, 1998 LOCATION OF ITEMS WHICH COULD BE POTENTIALLY AFFECTED. Nine Mile Point, Units 1 & 2 Perry Nuclear Plant Dresden Nuclear Plant Oyster Creek Clinton Fitzpatrick Southern Testing Service CORRECTIVE ACTION BEING TAKEN. Integrated Resources, Inc. has notified each of the above listed plants that a 10 CFR 50 Part 21 notification was being made. To date, this notification has been by telephone, however, within the next few days a formal written notification will be supplied to each plant detailing the Purchase Orders affected, if requested, a list of the manufacturer, model numbers, and serial numbers of all affected equipment. This written notification shall be completed by June 5, 1998. Effective May 1, 1998, Integrated Resources, Inc. adopted a policy of second checking of all capacitors to ensure correct polarity of installation. ADVICE WHICH WILL BE GIVEN IN RELATION TO THIS POTENTIAL DEFECT. Integrated Resources, Inc. recommends that the clients perform a 100% check of all units which are in spares for any incidence of capacitors installed with reverse polarity, if not already accomplished. For units which are installed and in use, Integrated Resources, Inc. recommends that the clients perform a check of all units in conjunction with the normal maintenance (i.e. loop calibration, surveilance testing, system shutdown, Etc.). Units found or suspected to have incorrectly installed capacitors as a result of these inspections, may be returned to Integrated Resources, Inc. for verification and correction. The basis for the above recommendations are as follows: 1. The defectively installed capacitors are the result of random human error and to date appears to be of very limited scope (< 1 % of units and < 0.1 % of capacitors). 2. All units have succesfully passed testing to manufacturers specifications prior to release to the clients. 3. Integrated Resources, Inc. has not been informed of any unit failures as a result of defectively installed capacitors. 4. Integrated Resources, Inc. believes all units to be used in fail safe or non-safety related applications and is therefore of very limited safety significance. 5. The result of a capacitor being installed with reverse polarity may be that; (1) the capacitor vents and the plates remain open with the resultant loss of capacitance, the result of which may or may not be failure of the unit, (2) The capacitor vents and the plates close thus shorting the capacitor which would likely cause failure of the unit, or (3) the capacitor continues to function, the result of which may be an indeterminate decrease in expected life span of the capacitor. Sincerely, John F. Brosemer President Integrated Resources, Inc. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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