Part 21 Report - 1998-451

ACCESSION #: 9805290304 150 Lincoln Avenue Grove City, PA 16127-1898 Tel 412 458 8000 Fax 412 458 3574 Ajax [Registered Trademark] COOPER Coberra [Registered Trademark] ENERGY SERVICES Cooper-Bessemer [Registered Trademark] Enterprise [TradeMark] En-Tronic [Registered Trademark] May 22, 1998 Penn [TradeMark] Superior [Registered Trademark] Our Ref: QCG-10483 (K5fa43) Document Control Desk U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Subject: 10 CFR 21 Notification, Enterprise DSR-4 and DSRV-4 Emergency Diesel Dear Sir: In accordance with the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Title 10, Chapter 1, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21, Cooper Energy Services (CES), a division of Cooper Cameron Corporation, provides initial notification and an interim report of a 10CFR Part 21 evaluation associated with the 701 Digital Speed Control, Rev. G installed at Southern Nuclear Company's Plant Vogtle and Texas Utilities Commanche Peak. Discussion: These digital 701 governing systems are manufactured by Woodward Governor Company of Fort Collins, Colorado and sold by Cooper Energy Services as part number 2-02G-110-001, Woodward part number 9903-466, Revision G). Revision G is the only revision of the subject part that has the potential problem. The Revision G controller design was recently introduced by Woodward to address an anomaly found during laboratory testing of the previous configuration. Evaluations conducted by CES and the two affected utilities at that time determined that this anomaly was not credible in nuclear service. Nevertheless, the original controllers were being changed to the later revision to satisfy the Woodward concerns. An application problem has been identified with the Revision G Woodward 701 Digital Speed Control used on Emergency Diesel Generators. It was encountered during the spring outages at both Southern Nuclear Company's Plant Vogtle and Texas Utilities Commanchie Peak Stations. During the outages, the Woodward 701 Digital Speed Controllers were being upgraded from the original revision provided to the utilities by Cooper Energy Services, to the current Revision G control. Post-installation testing revealed that high EMI/RFI levels affected the new controllers, whereas the original controllers were unaffected. Cooper Energy Services is working to identify the exact source/cause of the problem, determine the solution, and evaluate the 10 CFR Part 21 applicability. In the interim, the two utilities have placed the original controllers back into service in order to keep the diesel generators operational. Page 2 May 22, 1998 Ref: QCG-10483 (K5fa-43) A follow-up report will be provided no later than July 31, 1998. Affected Sites: Southern Nuclear Company, Plant Vogtle Texas Utilities, Commanche Peak Station STP Nuclear Operating Company (Houston Light and Power Co.) Sincerely, COOPER ENERGY SERVICES Peter DeFronzo General Manager Copies to: Mr. Louis Ward, Southern Nuclear Company (Fax 205-992-7885) Southern Nuclear Operating Company Vogtle Project P. O. Box 1295 Birmingham, AL 35201 Attn: Mgr., Nuclear Engineering and Licensing Mr. Stephen Alexander Nuclear Regulatory Commission QA Vendor Insp. & Maintenance Branch One White Flint North Mailstop 9A1 Washington, DC 20555 TU Electric Company P. O. Box 1002 Glen Rose, TX 76043 Attn: Group Vice President, Nuclear STP Nuclear Operating Company South Texas Project Electric P. O. Box 289 Wadsworth, TX 77483 Attn: General Manager Nuclear Assurance and Licensing COOPER ENERGY SERVICES QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPT. 150 LINCOLN AVENUE GROVE CITY, PA 16127 PHONE: (724) 458-3575 FAX: (724) 458-3461 DATE: TO: COMPANY: FAX: FROM: TELEPHONE: FAX: NUMBER OF PAGES INCLUDING COVER: PLEASE CALL (724) 458-3575, IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE ALL OF THE PAGES PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW FAX NUMBER IS 724-458-3461. GENERAL INFORMATION or OTHER EVENT NUMBER: 34281 LICENSEE: COOPER ENERGY SERVICES NOTIFICATION DATE: 05/22/98 CITY: GROVE CITY REGION: 1 NOTIFICATION TIME: 16:10 [ET] COUNTY: STATE: PA EVENT DATE: 05/22/98 LICENSE#: AGREEMENT: N EVENT TIME: : [EDT] DOCKET: LAST UPDATE DATE: 05/22/98 NOTIFICATIONS GENE KELLY/REG 1 RDO STUART RICHARDS/NRR EO NRC NOTIFIED BY: PETER DeFRONZO AL BELISLE/REG 2 RDO HQ OPS OFFICER: FANGIE JONES JOHN PELLET/REG 4 RDO VERN HODGE NRR EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH EVENT TEXT 10-CFR - PART-21 NOTIFICATION - ENTERPRISE DSR-4 AND DSRV-4 EMERGENCY DIESEL AN APPLICATION PROBLEM HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH THE 701 DIGITAL SPEED CONTROL (REVISION 'G' CONTROLLER DESIGN) INSTALLED AT PLANTS VOGTLE AND COMANCHE PEAK. THE SPEED CONTROLS ARE MANUFACTURED BY WOODWARD GOVERNOR COMPANY AND SOLD BY COOPER ENERGY SERVICES AS PART NUMBER 2-02G-110-001. REVISION 'G' IS THE ONLY REVISION OF THE SUBJECT PART THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL PROBLEM, AND IT WAS RECENTLY INTRODUCED TO ADDRESS AN ANOMALY OF PREVIOUS CONTROLLERS. EVALUATIONS OF THE ANOMALY INDICATED NO CREDIBLE PROBLEM IN NUCLEAR SERVICE. THE ORIGINAL CONTROLLERS WERE STILL BEING REPLACED WITH THE LATER REVISION (REVISION 'G') TO SATISFY WOODWARD CONCERNS. POST-INSTALLATION TESTING OF THE NEW CONTROLLERS REVEALED THAT HIGH EMI/RFI LEVELS AFFECTED THE NEW CONTROLLERS, WHEREAS THE ORIGINAL CONTROLLERS WERE UNAFFECTED. WORK IS PROGRESSING TO IDENTIFY THE EXACT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM AND TO DETERMINE A SOLUTION. IN THE INTERIM, THE TWO UTILITIES HAVE PLACED THE ORIGINAL CONTROLLERS BACK INTO SERVICE TO KEEP THEIR EMERGENCY DIESEL GENERATORS OPERATIONAL. A FOLLOW-UP REPORT WILL BE PROVIDED NO LATER THAN JULY 31, 1998. COOPER ENERGY HAS NOTIFIED SOUTHERN NUCLEAR OPERATING COMPANY (VOGTLE PROJECT), TU ELECTRIC COMPANY (COMANCHE PEAK), AND STP NUCLEAR OPERATING COMPANY (SOUTH TEXAS PROJECT) OF THIS 10-CFR-PART-21 REPORT. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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