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ACCESSION #: 9806080110

Form EF-066                   DRESSER-RAND

Rev C                      WELLSVILLE N.Y.             Report No.  40

NNSOP 1.2.001                                          page 1 of 3

                      FINAL REPORT   10CFR PART 21


     PREPARED BY:                       File No: Various

                                        Serial No: Various

     APPROVED BY:                       Type: GS & ZS

                                        Ref: N/A

                                        D-R Part No: pg 3

     PART NAME: Governor Valve Stem     DR Dwg No: pg 3

                                        Rev Level: pg 3

1.   Description of Defect or Non-Compliance

     Inconel 718 material was used in place of 410 stainless steel for

     the new spray coated valve stems.  The Material selection process

     did not fully evaluate the impact of a higher coefficient of thermal

     expansion in the steam seal arrangement using carbon washers for

     steam seals.

2.   Potential Safety Hazard or Non-Compliance:

     If the cold clearance is not adequate to accommodate the stem

     growth, control problems will result that may prevent the

     turbine/pump assembly from performing it's intended function.

3.   Number and Location of all components

     A total of 28 sites have purchased these stems, 23 domestic and 5


                    List on page 2.

4.   Corrective Action by Nuclear Product Engr. completed by 6/1/98

     ECR# 10673 issued to create a new carbon spacer part number 800714-

     002.  This carbon spacer has an inside diameter that is .0005"

     larger than the original spacer p/n 800714-001.  This will return

     the running clearance at operating temperature to the values of the

     original nitrided 410 SS stems.

                    Continued on page 3

5.   Advice to Effected Customer Related to This Report

     a.   For stock parts net, Assembled in a valve body assembly.

          Insure the clearance between the carbon washers and the stem is

          at least .00150 when assembled in the valve.

     b.   For parts installed in an operational AFW or RCIC turbine.

Form EF-066                   DRESSER-RAND

Rev C                      WELLSVILLE N.Y.             Report No.  40

NNSOP 1.2.001                                          page 2 of 3

Number and Location of all components:


1              T35685A             BROWNS FERRY 1

               T35686A             BROWNS FERRY 2

               T35687A             BROWNS FERRY 3

2              T35690A             MONTICELLO

3              T35693A             PILGRIM 1

4              T35939A             COOPER

5              T36546A             MAINE YANKEE

6              T36555A             BEAVER VALLEY 1

               T38492A             BEAVER VALLEY 2

7              T36565A             DIABLO CANYON 1

               T36566A             DIABLO CANYON 2

8              T36681A             EDWIN I.  HATCH

9              T36683A             BRUNSWICK 2

10             T37008A & B         PRAIRIE ISLAND 1 & 2

11             T37009A             CRYSTAL RIVER

12             T37273A             MILLSTONE 2

13             T37476A             HANFORD 2

14             T37549A             ST.  LUCIE 1

               T40230A             ST.  LUCIE 2

15             T37858A & B         FARLEY 1 & 2

16             T37948A             McGUIRE 1

17             T38171A             NINE MILE POINT 2

18             T38677A a B         WATTS BAR 1 & 2

19             T38765A             SUMNER 1

20             T39622A             COMANCHE PEAK

21             T41062A             SEABROOK 1

               T41063A             SEABROOK 2

22             T41173A & B         ALVIN W. VOGTLE 1 & 2

23             T41812A, B & C      TURKEY POINT 3&4

24             T38174A             LEIBSTADT

25             T40366A             KRSKO

26             T41925A             VANDELLOS 2

27             T37476C             TOKAI 2

28             T38848A             ANGRA

29             T36700A             DC Cook

Form EF-066                   DRESSER-RAND

Rev C                      WELLSVILLE N.Y.             Report No.  40

NNSOP 1.2.001                                          page 3 of 3

Corrective Action by Nuclear Product Engr.  completed by 6/1/98

The failure to adequately evaluate the Potential effects of the thermal

expansion characteristic of the new material was a design oversight that

occurred even though procedures for controlling the design process are

currently in place.  These procedures include:

EA-001    Engineering Design Control

          Section 5 part a item number 2 places the control of

          Nuclear units and repair orders under Product


          Section 5 part C item 4 identifies EA-025 as the Process

                    Control Procedure for New Concepts and Development


          Section 8 gives guidance for Design Verification and New

                    Drawing Approval.

          Section 9 gives guidance for Design Validation.

EA-025 Design Control for New Concepts And Development Programs.

          Section 4 Project Planning and Authorization establishes

                    objective, scope and time/cost estimates.

          Section 5 Execution and Control defines a project leader,

                    review requirements and reporting format.

          Section 8 Verification 4 Completion gives guidance for Design

                    review and verification.

          Section 9 Final Report defines minimum requirements for the

                    documentation in the report, required signatures and

                    storage location.

NNSOP 1.2.004 Drawing Approval referenced in EA-001

          Section 4.0 states design engineering must satisfy all the

                         requirements of ED-1-018.

          Section 4.1.2  requires checker to verify all interface

                         requirements and have drawing reviewed by other

                         groups if necessary.

          Section 4.1.3  requires a Supervisor to review drawing against

                         ALL DESIGN REQUIREMENTS.

          Section 4.1.4  requires the Nuclear Product Engineer to review

                         drawing against ALL DESIGN REQUIREMENTS and

                         proper material and processing.

Per our procedure NNSOP 1.1.001 a Corrective Action Request

(form QC-5), CAP, No.: 0953 has been initiated to address this design

oversight issue.  In response to this Corrective Action Request existing

procedures will be thoroughly reviewed with special focus an paragraphs

with potential relevance to this design oversight experience.  Then

procedures will be revised and/or supplemented, e.g. by check lists

and/or personnel training, as judged necessary to maximize the

probability that all potentially relevant factors will be considered and

adequately evaluated in future executions of our design process.  Similar

design projects performed since the formation of Dresser-Rand will also

be reviewed for compliance to these design requirements.  As noted above

this Corrective Action will be defined and fully implemented by June 1,


D-R Part Numbers and Drawing for Governor valve Stems:

          800743-001 800743 rev n/a

          800744-001 800744 rev n/a

          800745-001 800745 rev n/a

          800746-001 800746 rev n/a

          800768-001 800768 rev n/a

          800768-002 800768 rev n/a

          800777-001 800768 rev n/a


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