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                                             Walter G. MacFarland IV

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                                             April 10, 1998

Docket No. 50-461                            10CFR50.73


Document Control Desk

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Washington, D.C. 20555

Subject:  Clinton Power Station - Unit 1

          Licensee Event Report No. 98-010-00 and

          10CFR, Part 21 Report No.  21-97-060

Dear Madam or Sir:

     Enclosed is Licensee Event Report (LER) No. 98-010-00 and 10CFR,

Part 21 Report No.  21-97-060: Inoperable Divisions 1 and 2 Hydrogen and

Oxygen Analyzers Due To Inadequate Commercial Grade Dedication of Safety-

Related Replacement Parts By Supplier.  This report is being submitted in

accordance with the requirements of 10CFR50.73 and 10 CFR, Part 21.

          The enclosed report contains the following commitments:

     o    Indeterminate safety-related material supplied by Sentry

          Equipment Corporation and installed in the Hydrogen and Oxygen

          Analyzers will be evaluated and any unqualified material will

          be replaced or qualified.

     o    Safety-related material in warehouse inventory supplied by

          Sentry after June 1992 was placed on hold.  This material will

          be evaluated under the Illinois Power (IP) commercial grade

          dedication program prior to installation.


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     o    To prevent the future receipt of inadequately dedicated

          material from Sentry, one of the following restrictions will be

          added to the Qualified Supplier List (QSL) for Sentry Equipment

          Corporation: a requirement for Sentry to submit commercial

          grade dedication plans to IP for review and approval prior to

          Sentry purchasing and/or manufacturing safety-related parts; or

          a requirement for a 100 percent source surveillance on all

          procurements from Sentry; or Sentry will be removed from the

          QSL, whereby IP would procure material as commercial grade

          items and dedicate them for safety-related application.

     o    The process used to qualify suppliers of safety-related

          material for use at CPS will be reviewed.  The review will

          emphasize improvements that could minimize the potential for

          recurrence of a similar event.

                                   Sincerely yours,

                                   Walter G. MacFarland, IV

                                   Senior Vice President and

                                   Chief Nuclear Officer



cc:  NRC Clinton Licensing Project Manager

     NRC Resident Office, V-690

     Regional Administrator, Region III, USNRC

     Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety

     INPO Records Center

     Sentry Equipment Corporation


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