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An Illinova Company                               4F. 140

                                                  April 7, 1998

Docket No. 40-561

Document Control Desk

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Washington, D.C. 20555

Subject:  10CFR21 Final Report 21-97-059: Refurbished Circuit Breakers

          Returned From Nuclear Logistics Incorporated with Various


Document Control Desk:

     On December 19, 1997, a Condition Report was initiated to

investigate several discrepancies found during receipt inspection of

three refurbished safety-related Westinghouse DHP circuit breakers at

Clinton Power Station (CPS).  The circuit breakers had been sent to

Nuclear Logistics Incorporated (NLI) for refurbishment.  Examples of

discrepancies included: Loose nut on puffer diaphragm, trip latch

clearance out of specification, main contact clearance out of

specification, and main contact separation out of specification.

     Illinois Power (IP) initially decided to attempt to resolve these

discrepancies under the Maintenance Work Request Program.  However, once

work had started, IEP personnel determined that the discrepancies were

more complicated than originally thought and discontinued work on

investigating and correcting the discrepancies.  Subsequently, IP

returned the circuit breakers to NLI to resolve the identified

discrepancies.  NLI was also requested to assist with determining the

impact of the discrepancies on breaker performance and the reportability

determination under 10CFR21.  IP notified the NRC in letter U-602932

dated February 13, 1998, that the evaluation of this issue under 10CFR21

was not complete.

     IP has now completed the evaluation of this issue under 10CFR21 and

concludes that it is not reportable.  The discrepancies were evaluated by

the supplier and found to have no adverse impact on the safety functions

of the breakers; therefore, had the discrepancies gone uncorrected, they

would not have created a substantial safety hazard.  IP reviewed and

concurs with the supplier evaluation.  In addition, the discrepancies

were identified during a material receipt inspection; the breakers were

found unacceptable and, on that basis, could not have been installed.


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     Additional information about this issue may be obtained by

contacting F. D. Chenoweth, Nuclear Station Engineering Department, (217)

935-8881 extension 3658.

                                        Sincerely yours,

                                        W. G. MacFarland

                                        Senior Vice President


cc:  NRC Clinton Licensing Project Manager

     NRC Resident Office, V-690

     Regional Administrator, Region III,

     USNRC Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety

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