Part 21 Report - 1998-160

ACCESSION #: 9801230118 THOMAS & BETTS 16228 FLIGHT PATH DRIVE BROOKSVILLE, FL 34609 TEL(352)799-480-0 *FAX(352)799-9537 Thomas & Betts January 12, 1998 Document Control Desk U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555 REF: 10CFR PART 21 NONCOMPLIANCE REPORT To whom it may concern: PECO Energy Company's, Limerick Station reported an Agastat [Registered Trademark] EGPI004 relay failed to operate as intended on November 29, 1997. Subsequent analyses of PECO's storeroom by their Corporate Laboratory, Thomas & Betts' in-process orders and an on site surveillance by a PECO team on January 6 - 8, 1998 resulted in the following conclusions. 1. Insufficient solder as measured against IPC-A-610B, type 2 was the cause of failures. 2. Soldering discrepancies included one (1) intermittent connection through an eyelet and two (2) no solder on one component lead. Two (2) of the conditions could result in the relay not operating as specified and the third would not protect against a line voltage surge, if required. 3. Insufficient solder joints were discovered in three (3) different manufacturing date codes (9721, 9739 and 9743). The date code is the week of manufacture and is an integral part of the serial number. 4. Soldering of the ETR14X,X,X,004 (X,X,X= operating voltage, timing adjustment, timing range) has also been included in this notification since they are soldered on the same line. However, there have been no functional failures reported on any ETR relays to date. Short term corrective action has been implemented and the plan for the long term corrective has been established. Notification will be given to all customers that have purchased EGPI004 and ETR14XXX004 relays since the Agastat [Registered Trademark] production line was moved from Punta Gorda, FL to Brooksville, FL. in June 1996. This will be done even though there is no evidence the issue goes beyond the date codes listed above. 845 nuclear (EGPI004) and 348 nuclear (ETR14XXX004) relays were shipped during this time frame. There have been no other reported problems for these relays during this period. Robert Souden Quality Manager c: Karl Nichter Anita Nobles-Arguelles Nuclear customers *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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