Part 21 Report - 1998-151

ACCESSION #: 9802020210 POWER REACTOR EVENT NUMBER: 33613 FACILITY: SUMMER REGION: 2 NOTIFICATION DATE: 01/28/98 UNIT: [1] [ ] [ ] STATE: SC NOTIFICATION TIME: 15:42 [ET] RX TYPE: [1] W-3-LP EVENT DATE: 01/27/98 EVENT DATE: 17:00 [EST] NRC NOTIFIED BY: MICHAEL ZACCONE NOTIFICATIONS HQ QPS OFFICER: BOB STRANSKY EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE CHRIS CHRISTENSEN RDO 10 CFR SECTION: CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH VERN HODGE NRR UNIT SCRAM CODE RX CRIT INIT PWR INIT RX MODE CURR PWR 1 N Y 100 POWER OPERATION 100 CURR RX MODE POWER OPERATION EVENT TEXT PART 21 REPORT REGARDING WOODWARD GOVERNORS FOR DIESEL GENERATORS THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WAS SUBMITTED BY THE LICENSEE VIA FACSIMILE: "ON JANUARY 9, 1998, CONDITION EVALUATION REPORT 98-0038 AND NONCONFORMANCE NOTICE (NCN) 98-0038 REPORTED THE FAILURE OF EG-A CONTROL, SERIAL NUMBER 1425251. DUE TO POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS IN THE INDUSTRY AND THE SAFETY SIGNIFICANCE OF ITS APPLICATION AS A GOVERNOR CONTROL FOR EMERGENCY DIESEL GENERATORS (EDGs), THIS FAILURE IS CONSIDERED TO BE REPORTABLE UNDER 10 CFR PART 21. IN THIS CASE, V.C. SUMMER NUCLEAR STATION ENSURED THAT ADEQUATE TESTING HAD BEEN PERFORMED TO THE ASSOCIATED EG-A TO VERIFY ITS OPERABLE STATUS. THE VENDOR, ENGINE SYSTEMS, INCORPORATED (ESI), HAS BEEN NOTIFIED OF THIS SITUATION AND UNDERSTANDS THAT A PART 21 NOTIFICATION IS BEING SUBMITTED BASED ON THEIR CERTIFICATION OF CONFORMANCE ON THE EG-A WITH INADEQUATE POST- REFURBISHMENT BENCH TESTING BY THE VENDOR THAT DID NOT IDENTIFY INTERMITTENT FAILURES IN ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS (SUCH AS POTENTIOMETERS AND ZENER DIODES). A TEAM FROM VCSNS PROCUREMENT ENGINEERING FLEW TO THE VENDOR'S REPAIR FACILITY (WOODWARD GOVERNOR COMPANY) IN FORT COLLINS, CO, TO EVALUATE THEIR REPAIR PROGRAM. FUTURE PURCHASE REQUISITIONS FOR EG-A REPAIR/REFURBISHMENT WILL INCLUDE REQUIREMENTS FOR A 50 HOUR BURN-IN AND BENCH TESTING OF THE EG-A CONTROL FOR DETECTION OF INTERMITTENT FAILURES." NL-122 ATTACHMENT I PAGE 1 OF 2 NRC NOTIFICATION EVENT NOTIFICATION WORKSHEET OMITTED. This notification is made pursuant to 10 CFR Part 21 On January 9, 1998, Condition Evaluation Report 98-0038 and Non-Conformance Notice (NCN) 98-0038 reported the failure of EG-A control, serial number 1425251. Due to potential applications in the industry and the safety significance of its application as a governor control for Emergency Diesel Generators (EDGs), this failure is considered to be reportable under 10 CFR Part 21. In this case, V. C. Summer Nuclear Station ensured that adequate testing had been performed to the associated EG-A to verify its operable status. The vendor, Engine Systems, Incorporated (ESI), has been notified of this situation and understands that a Part 21 notification is being submitted based on their certification of conformance on the EG-A with inadequate post-refurbishment bench testing by the vendor, that did not identify intermittent failures in electrical components (such as potentiometers and zener diodes). A team from VCSNS procurement engineering flew to the vendor's repair facility (Woodward Governor Company) in Fort Collins, CO, to evaluate their repair program. Future purchase requisitions for EG-A repair/refurbishment will include requirements for a 50 hr burn-in and bench testing of the EG-A control for detection of intermittent failures. Notifications omitted. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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