Part 21 Report - 1998-143

ACCESSION #: 9802240179 Illinois Power Company Clinton Power Station P.O. Box 678 Clinton, IL 61727 Tel 217 935-5623 Fax 217 935-4632 Walter G. MacFarland IV Chief Nuclear Officer ILLINOIS POWER U-602934 An Illinova Company 2C.220 4F.140 February 17, 1998 Docket No. 50-461 10CFR50.73 10CFR21.21 Document Control Desk Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Subject: Clinton Power Station - Unit 1 Licensee Event Report No. 98-001-00 and 10CFR Part 21 Report No. 21-97-044/047 Dear Madam or Sir: Enclosed is Licensee Event Report (LER) No. 98-001-00 and 10CFR, Part 21 Report No. 21-97-044/047: Failure of Division 2 Safety-Related Battery Charger Due to Deficient Supplier Soldered Connections. This report is being submitted in accordance with the requirements of 10CFR50.73 and 10 CFR, Part 21. This Licensee Event Report contains the following commitments: o The SCR firing circuit card terminal posts for the Division 2 battery charger were re-soldered to ensure the as-left connections were adequate. The soldering technique for field wiring to SCR firing circuit card terminal posts will be added to vendor manual K2989-0001. o The battery charger deficiencies identified during this event were determined to potentially affect other safety-related equipment supplied by the same manufacturer, including the Divisions 1, 2, and 4 Nuclear Systems Protection System regulating bypass transformers (1RP01E, 1RP02E, 1RP04E), the Divisions 1, 2, and 3 regulating transformers (0IP54EB, 0IP55EB, 1IP78E), and the A and B Reactor Protection System (RFS) bypass regulating transformer (1C71S005A, 1C71S005B). In addition two non-safety switchyard battery chargers and two non-safety balance of plant battery chargers were identified as potentially affected by these issues. IP will inspect and rework/repair, as necessary, this equipment. U-602934 Page 2 o CPS is evaluating control and issuance of circuit cards. o The Division 3 safety-related battery charger (1E22-S001E) was supplied by a different supplier and has not exhibited similar evidence of degradation; however, IP will perform an inspection of this charger for deficiencies similar to those found in the Division 2 battery charger. Sincerely yours, Walter G. MacFarland, IV Chief Nuclear Officer RSF/krk Enclosure cc: NRC Clinton Licensing Project Manager NRC Resident Office, V-690 Regional Administrator, Region III, USNRC Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety INPO Records Center Power Conversion Products, Inc. Sargent & Lundy GENERAL INFORMATION or OTHER EVENT NUMBER: 33731 LICENSEE: CLINTON POWER STATION NOTIFICATION DATE: 02/17/98 CITY: CLINTON REGION: 3 NOTIFICATION TIME: 16:46 (ET] COUNTY: STATE: IL EVENT DATE: 01/16/98 LICENSE#: AGREEMENT: Y EVENT TIME: 12:00[CST] DOCKET: LAST UPDATE DATE: 02/17/98 NOTIFICATIONS JIM MCCORMICKBARGER RDO NRC NOTIFIED BY: R. FRANTZ VERN HODGE NRR HQ OPS OFFICER: DOUG WEAVER EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH EVENT TEXT 10 CFR PART 21 - DEFECTIVE SOLDERING IN A SAFETY-RELATED BATTERY CHARGER THE BASIC COMPONENTS INVOLVED ARE THE DIVISION 2 SAFETY-RELATED BATTERY CHARGER, MODEL 3SC-130-300, AND THE HIGH VOLTAGE CIRCUIT CARD, MODEL DSHV120T2-01. THESE COMPONENTS WERE SUPPLIED TO CLINTON POWER STATION BY POWER CONVERSION PRODUCTS. THE LICENSEE HAS IDENTIFIED INADEQUATE SOLDERED CONNECTIONS THROUGHOUT THE DIVISION 2 BATTERY CHARGER. IT WAS ALSO NOTED THAT THE TIME DELAY FOR THE INS LED DSHV CIRCUIT CARD WAS APPROXIMATELY 16 SECONDS, THE TIME DELAY FOR THE REPLACEMENT CIRCUIT CARD WAS 6 SECONDS, AND THE PURCHASE SPECIFICATION REQUIRED A 30-SECOND TIME DELAY. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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