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ACCESSION #: 9612100147    

                      LONG ISLAND LIGHTING COMPANY

November 26, 1996                                              SSD-96-213

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Region I
475 Allendale Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406-1415
Attention: Document Control Desk

Subject:  Potential 10CFR21 Condition 
          Velan 2" Piston Check Valve 
          Velan Part# W08-2034B-02TS

Dear Sirs;

Recently, it was discovered that two safety related valves supplied to
the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station by the Velan Valve Corporation were
not in compliance with the originally supplied Quality Assurance
documentation.  Since the Shoreham Nuclear Plant is no longer licensed
this does not pose a safety hazard, but we do, from time to time get
requests from other nuclear utilities to purchased our warehouse spare
parts.  An inspection of the valves found that the heat number "C9226",
etched onto each valve disk, was not the same as the heat number
documented on the Velan certification documents.  These documents (Velan
Certificate of Compliance, ASME documentation, and the accompanying
manufacture's Certified Material Test Report) identified the valve disk
material as heat number "J3316".

Velan Valve Corporation was originally notified of the discrepancy in
December 1995 .  The valves were returned to Velan in May of 1996 at
Velan's request.  Since that time we have been unable to obtain a
resolution from Velan.  On November 20, 1996, LILCO was advised by Velan
that the two valves in question had been misplaced.  No further
information has been offered by Velan.

In that we are unable to obtain from Velan information necessary to
evaluate the significance of this discrepancy, it is our feeling that we
are consequently unable to take any further action relative to this

Attached is a copy of our letter to Velan, along with our own internal
Deficiency Report which we are closing at this time by virtue of this
notification.  If you have any questions or desire any further
information please contact me at 516-929-6735 or at the Shoreham
Facility, 1 LILCO Road, Shoreham, NY 11786.

Timothy P. Curt, Manager
Shoreham Salvage Division.

     1.   LILCO Deficiency Report (LDR) 95-003
     2.   SSD-95-322, Letter to Velan Dated December 12, 1996

cc:  J.D. Leonard 
     J.M. Kelly 
     Mr. Bertil Nilsson, Velan Valve Corp., 550 McArther, Ville St-
     Laurent, Quebec, Canada, H4T 1X8


                      LONG ISLAND LIGHTING COMPANY

Direct Dial Number       (516) 929-8300 ext. 3456

December 12, 1995                                              SSD 95-322

Mr. Zoltan Palko
Velan Valve Co., Inc.
555 McArthur Street
Montreal, Quebec, Canada HXT-1X8

Dear Mr. Palko:

This memorandum is provided to inform you that two Velan Piston Check
Valves, received from your organization on LILCO Nuclear Safety Related
purchase order 310512, have been Identified as having a discrepancy
regarding the Valve Disc heat numbers.  An Inspection of the two Valves
found that the beat number "C9226", etched onto each disc, was not the
same as the beat number documented on the Velan certification documents. 
These documents (Velan Certificate of Compliance, ASME documentation, and
the accompanying manufacturer's, Certified Material Test Report) Identify
the Valve Disc material as heat number "J3316".

Please review your records and provide the correct Certified Material
Test Reports, modified Certificate of Compliances, and a new set of ASME
documentation for the valves listed below.  Also, please provide the
results of your review with respect to any actions you may take under

     2" Piston Check Valve, 600#, SA-105, Socket Weld, ASME Section III. 
     Code Class 2, VCS-60B-2, W08-2034B-02TS, Drawing No. PI-3379N-2,
     Revision J. Serial Numbers 527-1 and 527-2.

Your prompt response to this memorandum is requested.  If you have any
questions or require additional information, please contact me at (516)
929-8300, ext. 3456.

Timothy P. Curt, Manager
Shoreham Salvage Division
Long Island Lighting Company

cc:       J.D. Leonard.  Jr.
          K.A. Marion
          S.S. Skorupski
          J.M. Kelly
          E.W. Pierpont
          W.M. Judge
          J.R. Gilliard
file:     ssd95322.ltr

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