Part 21 Report - 1996-730

ACCESSION #: 9608220045 Anchor/Darling Valve Company o Williamsport, PA 17701 W. G. KNECHT Technical Director July 25, 1996 Director - Office of Inspection & Enforcement U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington DC 20555 Subject: 10 CFR 21 Reportable Incident Gentlemen: We have been notified by FP&L that a 2" 1878 stainless steel, piston check valve installed in a charging system failed to close with reverse flow. We are evaluating this incident to determine the cause of this failure and also the commonality with other similar designed valves. We will notify other customers which have been furnished similar equipment to inform them of this potential problem. Should you require additional information regarding this matter, please contact Mr. Floyd Bensinger our Engineering Manager or the writer. Sincerely, ANCHOR/DARLING VALVE COMPANY William G. Knecht Technical Director WGKjs cc: J. J. Chappell G. W. Knieser F. A. Bensinger M. O. Miller H. H. Wescott F. Velez J. M. Wingate J. R. Tarbutton *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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