Part 21 Report - 1996-701

ACCESSION #: 9611200181 NOTE: This text document was processed from a scanned version or an electronic submittal and has been processed as received. Some tables, figures, strikeouts, redlines, and enclosures may not have been included with this submittal, or have been omitted due to ASCII text conversion limitations. In order to view this document in its entirety, you may wish to use the NUDOCS microfiche in addition to the electronic text. SAP-132 ATTACHMENT II Page 1 of 2 Revision 12 NOTIFICATION TIME 1553 FACILITY OR ORGANIZATION Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station UNIT 1 CALLERS NAME M. Zaccone CALL BACK # 301�816�5100 R. Karsch EVENT TIME AND ZONE N/A EVENT DATE 05/30/96 POWER MODE BEFORE 75% Mode 1 POWER MODE AFTER 75% Mode 1 DESCRIPTION Non�Conformance Notice 5481 reports the third failure of ITT BARTON Model 763 pressure transmitters at V. C. Summer Nuclear Station within a one week period. In each case, a strain gage lead was broken loose of its terminal pin. Model 763 transmitters are used at V. C. Summer Nuclear Station to provide protection signals based on pressurizer pressure; specifically, reactor trip on high pressurizer pressure or reactor trip and safety injection on low pressurizer pressure. Each transmitter was calibrated and installed as IPT00457RC, where two failed after being in service for a short period of time, and one failed prior to return to service. An additional Model 763 pressure transmitter was obtained, calibrated and installed as IPT00457RC. V. C. Summer Nuclear Station ensured that the associated application was restored to operable status. Reliability of pressurizer pressure transmitters is verified by weekly monitoring and channel checks.�..h)..0*0*0*�.�..ԌITT BARTON has not established a root cause for what appears to be a repetitive failure of the Model 763 pressure transmitters. BARTON is in the process of evaluating the V. C. Summer Model 763 for failure analysis. This report is being made pursuant to 10CFR Part 21. SAP-1165 Attachment 1 Revision 0 �X......��X.` ` .��X.�.�..��X......��X.h.h.#��X.�.�.(��X.....-��X.p.p.2��X.�.�.7��X. . .<�Page 1 of 1�(# .� SUBSTANTIAL SAFETY HAZARD (SSH) EVALUATION TRACKING SHEET (TO BE COMPLETED WITHIN 60 DAYS OF INITIAL DISCOVERY)* TRACKING SHEET INITIATION DATE *1. GENERAL INFORMATION Number 96007 Discovery Date 5/30/96 Date To Be Completed 7/29/96 Reviewer Robert L. Justice, Jr. Topic Barton Model 763 pressure transmitter broken strain guage leads. How was topic first identified? Transmitter failed (NCNE5479) List correspondence, documents, telecons applicable to the determination of the substantial safety hazard. NCNE5479, NCNE5480, NCN5481; ITT Barton Failure Analysis Report (#FA960701) and FSAR Chapter 15. *2. DISPOSITION Determined to be potential SSH, reportable YES NO per 10CFR21: YES Discussion/justification: Failure of 2 of 3 pressurizer pressure transmitters would prevent reactor trip and safety injection signals necessary to mitigate design basis LOCA per Chapter 15 of the FSAR (Reference NCNE5479, E5480, and 5481) Signatures: Reviewer Date 7/22/96 Appropriate Functional Manager Date 7/23/96 Manager, Nuclear Licensing Date 7/24/96 & Operating Experience 3. Determined to be reportable per 10CFR21 by VPNO: (5-DAY LIMIT) �X......��X.` ` .��X.�.�..��X......��X.h.h.#�VPNO Signature�(#h.� �X......��X.` ` .��X.�.�..��X......��X.h.h.#�Date 7/30/96 Time 0910�(#h.��..h).0*0*0*�.�..Ԍ�4. NRC INFORMED - SUBSTANTIAL SAFETY HAZARD 2 DAY NOTIFICATION Notified by SCE&G (Name) M.J Zaccone NRC (Name) R. Karsch Time 1553 Date 7/31/96 Applicable Correspondence NCN 5479, 5480, 5481 5. 30 DAY REPORT Due Date Letter to NRC Date Applicable Correspondence 6. MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION 7. PROGRAM TRACKING DOCUMENT, e.g., NCN, ONO, OPDR, MRF, CHPNR, SHPPR, etc. 8. CLOSEOUT Signature Date Manager, Nuclear Licensing & Operating Experience Closed in RTS: Signature Date Transmitted to Records Management Date Signature NOTE: If review cannot be completed within 60 days of discovery date, an interim report must be submitted to the NRC within that same 60 day timeframe. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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