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December 13, 1996

Document Control Desk
United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
Washington, D.C. 20555

Reference: a)  Boeing Letter G-1151-RSO-92-365 dated August 31, 1992; R.
               S. Orr to the NRC Operations Center
           b)  NRC Letter Docket No. 99901227 dated August 12, 1992; L.
               J. Norrholm to R. S. Orr, Subject: Response to 10 CFR 21

Dear Sir or Madam:

In accordance with the reference correspondence and 10 CFR 21, Boeing is
sending the NRC the attached error notice(s) received from our former
software suppliers.  Because of unknown current addresses, the following
former customers were not notified:

     Reactor Controls, Inc.

     Echo Energy Consultants, Inc.

     Nuclear Applications and Systems Analysis Company (Japan)

     Nuclear Power Services

Error notices have been sent to our other former customers.

Very truly yours,

Sandra J. Andrews
Nuclear Administrator
Phone: (206) 865-6248
FAX (206) 865-4851
Mail Stop: 7A-33, or
e-mail: Sandra.Andrews@PSS.Boeing.com

Enclosure(s): GTSTRUDL Program Report Form No. 96.25

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