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ACCESSION #: 9607220004

                            ASEA BROWN BOVERI

July 12, 1996

Document Control Desk
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555
Subject:  Interim Report of Evaluation of Potential Deviation per 10CFR
          Part 21
          Qualification Documentation for Class 1E Relays

Notification By:    ABB Power T&D Company Inc.
                    Relay Division
                    4300 Coral Ridge Dr.
                    Coral Springs, FL 33065

This letter is an interim report describing evaluation of potential
deviations in qualification documentation for Class 1E relays

On May 6-7, Yankee Atomic Electric Company conducted Surveillance Audit
96-066 at ABB Power T&D Company Inc. - Relay Division, Coral Springs,
FL, This audit resulted in a finding and recommendation to initiate an
evaluation of qualification documentation, and determine its impact on
COM-5 Class 1E relays, per 10 CFR Part 21.  After evaluation, a report
was submitted to Yankee Atomic June 11, 1996 identifying corrective
actions that had been taken and stating that in our judgement, there was
no impact on the COM-5 relays being supplied.

A follow-up visit by Yankee Atomic took place on July 9-10, 1996 to
review these corrective actions.  As result of further discussion.,
Yankee Atomic determined that the qualification documentation for the
COM-5 relay, as well as the CRN-1 and CVE-1 relays, was not sufficient.
In addition, inconsistencies in ZPA ratings were found.

Based on the above occurrences, ABB is initiating an evaluation of the
qualification documentation for the above mentioned relays, as well as
all other Class 1E relay supplied.  This evaluation will be completed
by August 30, 1996. Based on the results of this evaluation, we will then
issue a final report, per 10CFR Part 21.

Question regarding information in this letter should be directed to
Cheryl Dahle at the Relay Division at 954-752-6700.

Cheryl A. Dahle                         Jose R. Gierbolini
Division Quality Manager                Profit Center Manager
                                        Electromechanical Relays

                       ABB Power T&D Company Inc.

     Relay          4300 Coral Ridge Drive   Telephone: (305) 752-6700
     Division       Coral Springs, FL 33065  Telefax:   (305) 345-5329


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