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U. S.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, D.C.  20555

Dear Sir:

In accordance with the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Title 10, (Chapter 1, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21, Cooper Energy
Services (CES), a division of Cooper Cameron Corporation, hereby notifies
the Commission of a potential manufacturing defect of the Enterprise
[Copyright] DSR-4 and DSRV-4 Emergency Diesel Generators (EDG's).


The potential defect concerns the starting air admission valves (block
and vent valves) Enterprise part number KR-001-000.  The valve operates
on receipt of a start signal to admit stored air receiver pressure to the
engine headers, beginning the process that rolls the engine for starting.
The valves are parT of redundant starting circuits such that two are
employed for a Model DSR-4 (in-line) engine and four on a Model DSRV-4
(Vee) engine.

The valves were originally manufactured by Calcon Corporation.  Amot
Controls Corporation has since purchased the Calcon product line and
maintains the design and production.

The potential defect was reported to CES by Entergy Operations, Inc.,
River Bend Station (EOI-RBS) as three valves had failed during engine
operation or while on bench test.  The first valve failed on engine,
failing to open fully (with the redundant valve isolated), This resulted
in an insufficient supply of air to roll the engine.  The second valve
failed to cycle during EOI-RSS bench test.  The third valve successfully
passed the bench test but stuck open during its first use on engine.

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July 9, 1996

The above valves, and three other valves thought to be suspect were
returned on January 31, 1996 to CES for evaluation.  The investigation
indicated no common root cause of malfunction.  Probable contributing
factors were spring discrepancies and valve body casting anomalies.
While not found by itself to cause the reported failures, all springs
were noticeably bent or lacked squared and ground ends.

A recent poll of utilities indicated that no other significant failures
have occurred since the issuance and implementation of CES Service
Information Memo (S.I.M.) No. 379 (Redesigned spool assembly, Viton
seals).  S.I.M.  379 was issued 12/1/89.


The investigative activities yielded no clear cause for the failures at
EOI-RBS.  As failure of these valves could render the EDG inoperable, and
in light of the deficiencies found it is prudent to report the failures,
conditions, and recommended actions under 10 CFR Part 21.


1]   Verify in-service valves - each monthly surveillance run should be
     preceded by an air roll initiated by a single starting air admission
     valve.  Alternate which valve is used each month to routinely verify
     all valves on a regular basis.

2]   Return any spare valves for inspection/evaluation by CES.


Carolina Power and Light           Shearon Harris      74046-48
Cleveland Electric Illuminating    Perry               75051-54
Duke Power                         Catawba             75017-20, 74049
Entergy Operations                 Grand Gulf          74033-34
Entergy Operations                 River Bend          74039-40
Georgia Power                      Vogtle              76021-24
Korea Electric                     KORI 3 & 4          79029-32
Korea Electric                     Yonggwang 1 & 2     81021-24
Taiwan Power Co.                   Kuosheng 1 & 2      75005-08
Taiwan Power Co,                   Maanshan 1 & 2      78006-09
Texas Utilities                    Comanche Peak       76001-04
Tennessee Valley Authority         Bellefonte          75080-83
Washington Public Power            WNP-1               75084-85

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July 9, 1996

If you have any questions concerning this report, please contact Andrew
P.  Steffan, Supervisor, Quality Engineering at 412-458-3455 or Ronald G.
Billig, Supervisor Aftermarket Engineering at 412-458-3584.



John D.  Mowery
Vice President and General Manager


c:  D.  T.  Blizzard - CES/GC
J.  M.  Horne - CES/GC
B.  C.  Guntrum - CES/Alameda
R.  L.  Nimmo - CES/Alamada
R.  A.  Johnston - CES/Alameda
R.  G.  Billig - CES/GC
A.  P.  Steffan - CES/GC
File.  K5fa39

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July 9, 1996

Copies to:
                                        Cooper-Enterprise Clearinghouse
Mr.  Walter Haass                       Duke Engineering & Service
U. S.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission    230 South Tryon St.
One White Flint North                   P. O.  Box 1004
Washington, DC 20555                    Charlotte, NC 28201-1004
                                        Attn.  G.  A.  Harrison
Carolina Power and Light Co.
Harris Nuclear Project                  Duke Power Co.
P.  O.  Box 165                         Nuclear Generation Dept.
New Hill, NC 27662                      P.  O.  Box 1006
Attn; William Robinson                  Charlotte, NC 28201-1006
      Vice President                    Attn:  Mgr., Nuclear Safety

Carolina Power and Light Co.            Duke Power Co.
P.  O. Box 1551                         Nuclear Generation Dept.
Raleigh, NC 27602                       P. O. Box 1006
Attn:  W.  S.  Orser                    Charlotte, NC 28291-1006
       Executive Vice President         Attn: W. T. Robertson
                                        Attn:  Vice President,
Carolina Power and Light Co.                     Procurement
Harris Nuclear Plant
P.  O.  Box 165                         Entergy
New Hill, NC 27562                      P.  O, Box 429
Attn: Mickey Hamby                      Echelon One
                                        1340 Echelon Parkway
Carolina Power and Light Co.            Jackson,  MS 39286-1995
Brunswick Nuclear Plant                 Attn: F.  W.  Titus (Fred)
NC Hwy.  87, 2-1/2 Mi. North                  Vice President, Engineering
Box 10429
Southport, NC 28461                     Entergy
Attn: Roy A.  Anderson                  P.  O.  Box 756
      Vice President                    Port Gibson, MS 39150
                                        Attn: C.  R.  Hutchinson (Randy)
Carolina Power and Light Co.                  Vice Pres., Operations-GGNS
Robinson Nuclear Plant
SC Hwy.  151 and 23, Box 790            Entergy
Hartsville, SC 29550                    P.  O.  Box 756
Attn:  C.  S.  Hinnant                  Port Gibson, MS 32150
       Vice President                   Attn: D.  L.  Pace, Director
                                              Design Engineering-GGNS
Cleveland Electric Illuminating
Perry Nuclear Power Plant               Entergy
P.  O.  Box 97                          P.  O.  Box 756
Perry, OH 44081                         Port Gibson, MS 39150
Attn:     Russell J. Tadyeh             Attn: M.  J.  Meisner
          Manager, Quality Control            Director, NS&RA

Cleveland Electric Illuminating         Manager, Quality Services
Perry Nuclear Power Plant               Entergy Operations
P.  O.  Box 97                          Box 756
Perry, OH 44081                         Port Gibson, MS 39150
Attn: Harold M.  Coon

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July 9, 1996
QCG- 10291

Southern Nuclear Operating         Mr.  S.  J.  Tsuei
  Company                          Director, Nuclear Safety Dept.
Vogtle Project                     Taiwan Power Company
P. O. Box 1295                     242 Roosevelt Road, Sec.  3
Attn: Mgr., Nuclear Engineering    Taipei, Republic of China
      and Licensing
                                   Mr.  S.  H.  Soong
Georgia Power Co.                  Station Superintendent
Plant Vogtle                       Third Nuclear Power Station
P.  O.  Box 1600                   Taiwan Power Company
Waynesboro, GA 30830               P.O.  Box 39
Attn:  Mr.  W.  S.  Shipman        Heng-Chun, Ping-Tung Hsein
       General Manager             Taiwan.  924 R.O.C.

Gulf States Utilities              Mr. Koh, Kyoo-Kun
P.  O.  Box 220                    Plant Manger, Kori 3 & 4
St. Francisville, LA 70775         Korea Electric Power Corp.
Attn: L.  A.  England              216 Ko-Ri Jangan-Up
      Director Nuclear Licensing   Yangsan-Gun
                                   Kyung-Nam, Korea 026-950
Long Island Power Authority
Shoreham Nuclear Power Station     Mr.  Hong, Jo Boo
Box 628                            Manager, Nuclear Power
North Country Rd.                    Generation Dept.
Wading River, NY 11792             Korea Electric Power Corp.
Attn: Mgr.  Licensing & Regulatory 167, Samsong-Dong, Kangnam KU
      Compliance Department        Seoul, 135-791 Korea

Operating Experience Manager       Mr.  Lee, Hee-Sung
Tennessee Valley Authority         Plant Manager, Yonggwang Nuclear Unit
1101 Market Street                   1 & 2
BR 4J                              Korea Electric Power Corp.
Chattanooga, TN 37402              517, Kyema-Ri Hong Nong-Eup
                                   Yonggwang-Gun Jeon Nam
                                   Korea 513-880

TU Electric - Production Division
Group Vice President - Nuclear
Skyway Tower
400 North Olive Street, L.B.  81
Dallas, TX 75201
Attn: C.  L.  Terry

Washington Public Power Supply
P.  O.  Box 460
Richland, WA 99352
Attn: Mr.  L.  C.  Oakes
      Manager, WNP-1 Engineer

T.  R.  Ho,  Superintendent
Taiwan Power Company
Kuosheng Nuclear Power Station
60 Pa-Tou Yoh-Liu Village
Wan L. Hsiang, Taipei Hsien
(20703), Taiwan, R.O.C.


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