Part 21 Report - 1996-532

ACCESSION #: 9611210134 GRINNELL CORPORATION ENGINEERED PIPE SUPPORTS Precision Park 160 Frenchtown Road North Kingstown, RI 02852 November 18, 1996 United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555 Attention: NRC Operations Center RE: Resolution of Interim Report Title 10 - Chapter 1 10 CFR Part 21 Dated September 16, 1996 Gentlemen: Grinnell has reviewed all customer design specifications for environmental conditions related to Hydraulic snubbers. We found that, except for the original incident with Duke Power, the Hydraulic Snubbers shipped by Grinnell met the customers design specifications. This review covered the period from Year 1986 to present. Since Duke Power has notified Grinnell that the snubbers supplied "are operabLe as shipped", we have determined it is not necessary to file a report under the rules of 10CFR Part 21. Should you have any questions, listed below are the Grinnell contacts. * David V. Walshe - Quality Assurance Manager (401) 886-3030 * Stephen J. Perreault- Engineering Manager (401) 886-3040 Very truly yours, Grinnell Corporation DWW/gp cc: Part 21 EvaLuation Group D. Curtin - G/NK B. Doherty - G/Exeter David V. Walshe Duke Power Co. Quality Assurance Manager SALES/MARKETING TECHNICAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION PHONE (401) 886-3116 PHONE (401) 886-3015 PHONE (401) 886-3000 FAX (401) 885-4470 FAX (401) 886-3010 FAX (401) 886-3010 GENERAL INFORMATION or OTHER EVENT NUMBER: 31009 LICENSEE: GRINNELL CORP, NOTIFICATION DATE: 09/16/96 NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI NOTIFICATION TIME: 12:11 [ET] CITY: NORTH KINGSTOWN REGION: 1 EVENT TIME : 00:01 [EDT] COUNTY: STATE: RI LAST UPDATE DATE : 11/19/96 LICENSE# AGREEMENT: Y NOTIFICATIONS NRC NOTIFIED BY: DAVE WALSHE HQ OPS OFFICER: CHAUNCEY GOULD EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH EVENT TEXT - 10CFR21 REPORT - THE GRINNELL CORPORATION DISCOVERED DEVIATIONS ON A DUKE POWER PURCHASE ORDER FOR GRINNELL HYDRAULIC SHOCK AND SWAY SUPPRESSORS (SNUBBERS). THESE SNUBBERS HAD BEEN QUALIFIED TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS THAT VARY FROM THE ACCIDENT ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS CONTAINED IN DUKE POWER'S SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE MCGUIRE AND OCONEE PLANTS. GRINNELL NOTIFIED DUKE POWER SO THAT THEY COULD PERFORM A SAFETY EVALUATION. DUKE POWER NOTIFIED GRINNELL THAT THE SNUBBERS ARE OPERABLE, AS SHIPPED. THEY ARE CONTINUING FURTHER INVESTIGATION OF THESE SNUBBERS. ***UPDATE BY GRINNELL CORPORATION TAKEN BY MACKINNON ON 11/19/96 @ 0950*** GRINNELL CORPORATION SENT THE FOLLOWING FACSIMILE UPDATING THE ABOVE PART 21. "GRINNELL HAS REVIEWED ALL CUSTOMERS DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS RELATED TO HYDRAULIC SNUBBERS. WE FOUND THAT, EXCEPT FOR THE ORIGINAL INCIDENT WITH DUKE POWER, THE HYDRAULIC SNUBBERS SHIPPED BY GRINNELL MET THE CUSTOMER'S DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS. THIS REVIEW COVERED THE PERIOD FROM YEAR 1986 TO PRESENT. "SINCE DUKE POWER HAS NOTIFIED GRINNELL THAT THE SNUBBERS SUPPLIED "ARE OPERABLE AS SHIPPED", WE HAVE DETERMINED IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO FILE A REPORT UNDER THE RULES OF 10 CFR PART 21." UPDATE SENT TO VERN HODGE *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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