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ACCESSION #: 9612020106 NOTE: This text document was processed from a scanned version or an electronic submittal and has been processed as received. Some tables, figures, strikeouts, redlines, and enclosures may not have been included with this submittal, or have been omitted due to ASCII text conversion limitations. In order to view this document in its entirety, you may wish to use the NUDOCS microfiche in addition to the electronic text. Commonwealth Edison Company LaSalle Generating Station 2601 North 21st Road Marseilles, IL 61341-9757 Tel 815-357-6761 ComEd November 27, 1996 United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Attention: Document Control Desk Washington, D.C. 20555 Subject: LaSalle County Station Units 1 and 2 10 CFR Part 21 Notification 9605 Final Report NRC Docket Numbers 50-373 and 50-374 Reference: Letter from W. T. Subalusky to US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, LaSalle County Station Units 1 and 2, 10 CFR Part 21 Notification 9605, dated October 4, 1996. Enclosed is ComEd's 10 CFR Part 21 Notification of the deficiency of WKM model 70-13 Pneumatic Actuators manufactured by the Anchor Darling Valve Company and in use at LaSalle County Station. This notification is submitted in accordance with the requirements of 10 CFR 21, Section 21.1(b). An interim notification, referenced above, had been made in accordance with 10 CFR Part 21 Section 21.21 (a)(2). If there are any questions or comments concerning this letter, please refer them to me at (815) 357-6761, extension 3600. Respectfully, W. T. Subalusky Site Vice President LaSalle County Station Enclosure cc: A. B. Beach, NRC Region III Administrator M. P. Huber, NRC Senior Resident Inspector - LaSalle D. M. Skay, Project Manager - NRR - LaSalle F. Niziolek, Office of Nuclear Facility Safety - IDNS DCD - Licensing (Hardcopy: Electronic: ) Central File 10CFR Part 21 Notification 10 CFR Part 21 Report (File 96-05) WKM, MODEL 70-13 PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS - INCORRECT EFFECTIVE DIAPHRAGM AREA Applicability This notification is submitted in accordance with the requirements of 10CFR Part 21, Section 21.1 (b). An interim notification had been previously made on October 4th, 1996 in accordance with 10CFR Part 21 Section 21.21(a)(2). Identification of Facility and Component LaSalle County Station, Units One and Two Commonwealth Edison Chicago, Illinois WKM. Model 70-13 pneumatic actuators (sizes 35, 70, 140, 280) Identification of Component Manufacturer Anchor Darling Valve Company Nature of Defect Anchor Darling Valve Company performed effective diaphragm area (EDA) testing on the various WKM, Model 70-13 pneumatic actuators (sizes 35, 70, 140, 280). The preliminary test results indicated that the original effective diaphragm area values used to calculate the bench set and supply air set points were incorrect. Safety Significance Potentially, the listed Primary Containment Isolation System (PCIS) valve assemblies would not provide adequate system isolation under designed accident conditions. The PCIS function may not have operated if required. LaSalle Unit One is in Cold Shutdown mode and Unit Two is in Refuel mode. The PCIS function for the listed valves is not required for these modes. Updated Safety Significance: See Licensee Event Report #96-011-00 Time of Discovery September 28, 1996 Corrective Actions From the October 4, 1996, notification: 1) All affected valves are being reviewed/evaluated, design changes are being initiated as required. It should be noted that the WKM Series 70-13 actuator is currently manufactured by the Anchor Darling Valve Company and similar valves may have been previously manufactured under the "Muesco" or "B, S & B" designations. 2) LaSalle is awaiting the publication of Anchor Darlings final testing report. A final notification will be made at that time. 10 CFR Part 21 Final Report (File 96-05) 2 1) Design changes for all affected Primary Containment Isolation System (PCIS) and Reactor Core Isolation System (RCIC) valves have been initiated to make the required setting adjustments to ensure adequate design margins. Both units will remain in a condition that doesn't require valve design operation until the problem is corrected. 2) Licensee Event Report #96-011-00 Title: "Pneumatic valves with less-than-designed effective diaphragm area results in inadequate valve closing forces which may affect containment isolation." Submittal Date: October 28, 1996. Docket #050-373 3) In the interim report it was stated that LaSalle was awaiting the publication of Anchor Darling's Final Testing Report and would be making a final notification not that time. At that time, Anchor Darling's projected date for completion of the report was the mid-October time frame. As the result of recent conversations between Anchor Darling and ComEd, it is now LaSalle's understanding that the projected completion date of the final report has been pushed back to an end of November time frame. In addition, it is Anchor Darling's stated intention not to release the final report to LaSalle County Station. Conclusion LaSalle County Station's Licensee Event Report #96-011-00, will be followed by a supplemental report to be issued by December 2, 1996. The supplemental report will provide an updated assessment of the safety consequences of the event and will be based upon an analysis of as-found testing data of the affected valves. All questions related to the results of Effective Diaphragm Area (EDA) testing should be addressed to the Anchor Darling Corporation. PCIS Valves appear in Bold Italics and are marked with an asterisk *. 10 CFR Part 21 Final Report (File 96-05) 3 Table "Number and Location of All Defective Components", pages 3, 4, & 5, omitted. Contacts Mark Smith AOV Component Engineer LaSalle County Station Commonwealth Edison 2601 North 21st Road Marseilles, Illinois 61341 (815) 357-6761 PCIS Valves appear in Bold Italics and are marked with an asterisk *. GENERAL INFORMATION or OTHER EVENT NUMBER: 31093 LICENSEE: LASALLE COUNTY STATION NOTIFICATION DATE: 10/04/96 CITY: REGION: 3 NOTIFICATION TIME: 15:35 [ET] COUNTY: STATE: IL EVENT DATE: 09/28/96 LICENSE#: AGREEMENT: Y EVENT TIME: 12:00[CDT] DOCKET: LAST UPDATE DATE: 11/27/96 NOTIFICATIONS NRC NOTIFIED BY: MR. SUBALUSKY HQ OPS OFFICER: DOUG WEAVER VERN HODGE NRR EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: CCCC 21.21 UNSPECIFIED PARAGRAPH EVENT TEXT PART 21 NOTIFICATION ON WKM MODEL 70-13 PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS ANCHOR DARLING VALVE COMPANY PERFORMED EFFECTIVE DIAPHRAGM AREA (EDA) TESTING ON THE VARIOUS WKM MODEL 70-13 PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS (SIZES 35, 70, 140, 280). THE PRELIMINARY TEST RESULTS INDICATED THAT THE ORIGINAL EFFECTIVE DIAPHRAGM AREA VALUES USED TO CALCULATE THE BENCH SET AND SUPPLY AIR SET POINTS WERE INCORRECT. THESE ACTUATORS ARE USED ON VARIOUS PRIMARY CONTAINMENT ISOLATION VALVES AND THESE VALVES MAY NOT PROVIDE ADEQUATE SYSTEM ISOLATION UNDER DESIGN ACCIDENT CONDITIONS. LASALLE UNIT ONE IS IN COLD SHUTDOWN AND UNIT TWO IS IN THE REFUEL MODE. * * * UPDATE RECEIVED BY FAX AT 1508 ON 11/27/96, TAKEN BY WEAVER * * * DESIGN CHANGES FOR ALL AFFECTED PRIMARY CONTAINMENT ISOLATION SYSTEM (PCIS) AND REACTOR CORE ISOLATION SYSTEM (RCIC) VALVES HAVE BEEN INITIATED TO MAKE THE REQUIRED SETTING ADJUSTMENTS TO ENSURE ADEQUATE DESIGN MARGINS. BOTH UNITS WILL REMAIN IN A CONDITION THAT DOESN'T REQUIRE VALVE DESIGN OPERATION UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS CORRECTED. THE LICENSEE SUBMITTED AN LER ON THIS TOPIC ON 10/28/96. AN UPDATED LER WILL BE SUBMITTED ON 12/2/96. THE HOO NOTIFIED VERN HODGE OF THIS UPDATE. FAX Date 11/27/96 Number of pages including cover sheet 7 TO: Nuclear Regulatory FROM: W. T. Subalusky Commission LaSalle County Nuclear OPS Center Power Station Phone 815-357-6761 FAX Phone 301-816-5151 Fax Phone 815-357-6761, ext. 2502 VERIFICATION 301-816-5100 RE: LaSalle County Station Units 1 and 2 10CFR Part 21 Notification 9605 Final Report REMARKS: X Urgent For your review Reply ASAP Please Comment Attached are the above-entitled documents including cover letter; and 10CFR Part 21 Notification. *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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