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                              File No. 96-002

3 September 1996

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
Washington, DC 20555

Subject, OP 38TD8-1/8 Connecting Rod: part numbers 16600736, 16600737,
16701706, and 16701709.

On 19 July 1996, Northeast Utilities, Millstone Nuclear Power Station
notified Coltec Industries, Fairbanks Morse Engine Division that during
installation of the B-EDG no. 4 lower connecting rod, it was determined
that the serial numbers on the rod and its cap did not match, i.e. the
rod and cap were not a matched set.

A technical evaluation has determined the above as a substantial safety
hazard.  If the deviation had gone undetected, a bearing failure would
have caused the engine to become inoperable due to possible misalignment
of the bearing caused by an out-of-position condition with the

Internal changes to affected manufacturing process are in-place to
prevent recurrence of this situation.  Coltec believes this situation is
an isolated (unique) case and is unaware of any other similar occurrence,
for either nuclear or non-nuclear application.  However, utilities with
the subject part numbers should, at the earliest practicable time, verify
that the connecting rods installed in their Stand-by Emergency Diesel
Engines possess matched sets of serial numbers on each rod and mated cap. 
In addition, each utility should check and verify any stock they may
possess for the same condition.

If there is any further need for clarification, please contact Fairbanks
Morse Engine Division's Engineering or Quality Assurance Departments.


Scott A. Fratianne
Manager, Quality Assurance

                                   A division of Coltec Industries Inc

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