Part 21 Report - 1996-490

ACCESSION #: 9605210523 Thomas&Betts AMERACE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS May 9, 1996 Director Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555-0001 Dear Sir / Madam: As previously notified via the attached letter sent to Mr. Gregory C. Cwalina we are currently in the process of relocating the nuclear product line. During the changeover of responsibility, an engineering documentation review revealed that a component may exhibit a less than desirable characteristic at extreme elevated temperatures while the ETR relay is in the energized state. We are currently evaluating components with a higher temperature rating which will improve our overall product performance. Although we have no failure reports to date, we are informing you of a potential abnormal condition. The condition only affects the Agastat ETR "A" time range relay which is considered a nuclear qualified control relay. It is important to note that Amerace does not recommend the use of its products in the containment areas of Nuclear Power Generating Stations. The Agastat relays were not qualified in the continuously energized state as documented in the Nuclear Environmental Test Report No. ES-2000. The identified relays potentially contain a capacitor which under extreme environmental conditions could fail to operate if left in the continuously energized state. For example, operating at the maximum specified temperature (an abnormal environment of 156 F) while continuously energized. This failure mode does not exist if the coils are not continuously energized. A review of our records indicate that relays shipped between 8/14/195 to 4/1/96 are affected. A list of the customers and the quantities of the relays that were purchased is attached. These customers are being notified (via registered mail) of the potential problem and will be requested to evaluate their application and if required return the relays for repair and/or replacement. If I can be of further assistance, please contact me at (941) 575-8440. Sincerely, Edward Jacobs Quality Assurance Manager nrdnot.doc Agastat ETR "A" series relays shipped from 8/14/95 to 4/1/96 PART SERIEL CUSTOMER NUMBER QTY NUMBERS Cegelec Automation, Inc ETR14D3A004 48 95340468 THRU 95340490 95360271 THRU 95360295 Commonwealth Edison ETR14I3A004 3 95411025 THRU 95411027 Entergy Operations ETR14IA004 1 96081541 G.E. Nuclear Energy ETR14D3AC200 8 95340455 THRU 95340456 4004 96081513 THRU 96081514 95371417, 95470300, 96101582 96120240 Georgia Power ETR14D3A 13 96113048 THRU 96113059 96140320 National Technical ETR14D3AN 4 95400223 THRU 95400226 Systems Northern States Power ETR14D3A 6 96140361 THRU 96140366 Nutherm International ETR14D3AN 3 95410953 THRU 95410955 Peco Energy ETR14D3AC2 14 95350710 THRU 95350713 95411021 THRU 95411024 95440215 THRU 95440220 Spectrum Technologies ETR14D3AN 4 95410956 THRU 95410959 USA Tennessee Valley ETR14D3AN 11 95340457 THRU 95340467 Authority ETR14B3A 10 95371650 THRU 95371659 Vermont Yankee Nuclear ETR14D3A 2 95360269 THRU 95360270 Washington Public Power ETR14I3A 2 96120748 THRU 96120749 nrcnotat.doc Thomas&Betts AMERACE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS April 11, 1996 Mr. Gregory C. Cwalina, Acting Chief Special Inspection Branch Division of Inspection and Support Programs Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555-0001 RE: Relocation of Agastat and Buchanan Nuclear product lines. Dear Mr. Cwalina: On January 2, 1996 Thomas & Betts acquired the Amerace group of companies. Thomas and Betts has been engaged in a restructuring of its operations throughout the country in order to make them more efficient and economical in today's highly competitive market. As part of this overall effort the Agastat and Buchanan Nuclear product fines will be moved from the Punta Gorda facility to the Brooksville, Florida facility. The target date for moving and startup of operations in Brooksville is the end of May, 1996. This target date is based on delivery schedules and may be subject to a limited delay. The same specifications, materials, manufacturing processes, equipment, inspection and testing of Agastat relays and Buchanan One Piece Terminal Blocks will be in place at the Brooksville facility. There will be no changes made to the 10CFR50, Appendix B program due to the move. Ed Jacobs, the Quality Manager at Punta Gorda will be working with Brooksville personnel until this project is complete. He may be reached at (941) 575-8440. Bob Souden is the Quality Director at the Brooksville facility. He may be reached at (352) 544-4013. I would like to request postponing the NRC inspection which is currently scheduled for April 22-26, 1996 at Punta Gorda and in the near future re- schedule the audit for Brooksville. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely. Rick Phillips General Manager cc: Joseph Petrosino nrcclo.doc *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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