Part 21 Report - 1996-451

ACCESSION #: 9605240250 150 Lincoln Avenue Grove City, PA 16127-1898 Tel 412 458 8000 Fax 412 458 3574 COOPER Ajax [Registered Trademark] ENERGY SERVICES Coberra [Registered Trademark] Cooper Bessemer [Registered Trademark] Enterprise [Trademark] En-Tronic [Registered Trademark] Penn [Trademark] Superior [Registered Trademark] May 21, 1996 Our Ref: QCG-10272 Document Control Desk U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington. D.C. 20555 Dear Sir: In accordance with the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Title 10, Chapter 1, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21, Cooper- Bessemer Reciprocating Products, a division of Cooper Cameron Corporation, hereby notifies the Commission of a potential manufacturing defect of the KSV emergency diesel generator (EDG) system. The potential defect concerns the fuel injection pump delivery valve Holder (DVH), C-B part number 2-50F-049-143, contained in fuel injection pumps 2-50F-049-004, 2-50F-049-005 and 2-50F-030-004 supplied by Haynes Corporation. The defect noted has been the development of cracks compromising the integrity of the DVH. The cracks could leak fuel causing degraded performance and/or fire hazard. The defect has been limited to DVH's of Lot No. LCH. 184. The cracks have, become apparent after 160 to 250 hours of operating time. Five failures have been reported: Niagara Mohawk (NMP2) 8/95, Arizona Public Service (PVNGS) 2/96. Commonwealth Edison (Zion-2 DVH's) 3/96, and Pennsylvania Power and Light (SSES) 4/96. The apparent cause of the cracking concerns characteristics of the material near the center of the bar from which they were made in combination with the drilled hole surface finish. Evidence to date indicates that not all DVH's of Lot No. LCH 184 are prone to cracking. However, there is no non-destructive method to determine those prone to cracking. Either of two recommended corrective actions are possible. Note that a technical evaluation indicates that the engine would operate normally for an extended period of time with one or more cracked DVH's, as the leakage is insignificant in relation to the normal flow. Page 2 May 21, 1996 OCG-10272 Recommended Corrective Action: 1] Replace all DVH's of Lot No. LCH 184. This may be accomplished as the unit is available for normal maintenance. 2] Monitor and replace only those which develop leaks. See attached Exhibit 1 for affected part numbers/serial numbers, utilities and sites. In addition, preliminary information has indicated that DVH lot 304 may also be prone to cracking for the same reasons. Although none have cracked to date, continued monitoring and observation is recommended. If you have questions concerning this report, please contact Andrew P. Steffan, Supervisor, Quality Engineering at 412-458-3455 or John M. Horne, Manager, Nuclear and Analytical Engineering at 412-458-3543. Sincerely, COOPER CAMERON CORPORATION J. D. Mowery Vice President and General Manager Attachment /kll cc: D. T. Blizzard - CES/GC J. M Horne - CES/GC A. D. Gillette - CES/GC M. A. Schleigh - CES/GC P. J. Shimek- CES/GC L. T. Stewart - CES/GC A. P. Steffan - CES/GC File: K5fa37 Page 3 May 21, 1996 QCG-10272 Copies to: Mr. Walter Haass Mr. Terry O'Brien U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commonwealth Edison Co. Commission 1400 Opus Place One White Flint North Downers Grove, IL 60515 Washington, DC 20555 Mr. Lenny Schiavone Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. Mr. Gary Hunt 301 Plainfield Road Houston Lighting and Power North Syracuse, NY 13212 South Texas Project Wadsworth, TX 774-93 Ms. Kathleen Russo Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. Mr. James Kenny Nine Mile Road - Unit 2 Licensing Group Supervisor P. O. Box 63 Pennsylvania Power and Light Lycoming, NY 13093 Two North Ninth Street Annex 6 1 Allentown, PA 18101 Mr. Neil Thibodaux Arizona Public Service Mr. Matthew Heidorn Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Pennsylvania Power and Light P. O. Box 52034 Mail Station 7566 Susquehanna Steam Electric Station Phoeniz, AZ 85072-2034 P. O. Box 467 Berwick, PA 18603 Mr. Thomas Bradish Manager, Nuclear Regulatory Affairs Mr. Terence Bannon Arizona Public Service Licensing Group ALPHA 6 1 P. O. Box 52034 Mail Station 7636 Pennsylvania Power and Light Phoeniz, AZ 85072-2034 2 North Ninth Street Allentown, PA 18101 Mr. Terry Vandevoort Commonwealth Edison Mr. David Baran Zion Generating Station Commonwealth Edison Co. 101 Shiloh Blvd. Byron Nuclear Power Station Zion, IL 60099 4450 North German Church Rd. Byron, IL 61010 Mr. Arthur G. Killinger MPR Associates, Inc. Mr. Michael Kneble 320 King Street EnTergy Associates Alexandria, VA 22314-3238 Louisiana Power and Light Waterford 3 SES Highway 18 Taft, LA 70006 Mr. Dave Gustafson Commonwealth Edison Co. Braidwood Nuclear Power Station Tech Staff Electrical Group Route 1, Box 84 Braceville, IL 60407 Mr. Doug Mullen Nebraska Public Power District Cooper Nuclear Station P. O. Box 98 Brownville, Nebraska 68321 QCG-10272 EXHIBIT Page 1 of 4 May 21, 1996 Part No. 2-50F-049-143 C-B S/N Qty Utility/Site 1C45 4 Pennsylvania Power and Light-SSES YY36 64 Niagara Mohawk-NMP2 *1E54 24 Commonwealth Edison - Braidwood **1C45 50 Pennsylvania Power and Light- SSES **1C45 100 Arizona Public Service-PVNGS *Lot S/N 1E54 contains 15 of 24 Lot LCH 184. **Lot S/N 1C45 contains 49 of 150 Lot LCH 184. Part No. 2-50F-030-004 Pump S/N Utility/Site 114831 Pennsylvania Power and Light- SSES 117951 122475 Niagara Mohawk - NMP2 120058 120060 122473 117926 Pennsylvania Power and Light- SSES 117959 QCG-10272 EXHIBIT Page 2 of 4 May 21, 1996 Part No. 2-50F-049-004 Pump Serial No. Utility/Site 891232 Commonwealth Edison - Byron 891213 Niagara Mohawk-NMP2 891229 891230 9003038 9003045 9003047 9003049 8902050 87010010 Commonwealth Edison - Byron 891204 118909 891220 891224 891222 891211 891205 118574 891240 891247 118923 9006002 120082 87010004 891219 891242 891250 891241 891218 119030 118902 Arizona Public Service -PVNGS 118954 119089 119107 119802 118927 119074 119091 119796 122529 QCG-10272 EXHIBIT Page 3 of 4 May 21, 1996 Part No. 2-50F-049-004 Pump Serial No. Utility/site 122495 Commonwealth Edison - Zion 114863 87110002 87110010 87110008 87110018 114291 115853 87110003 87110006 8902043 87110016 87110005 114311 87110017 114309 87110001 122491 87110004 87110012 119025 Commonwealth Edison - Byron 120072 Commonwealth Edison - Byron 120131 120084 122492 9003019 Commonwealth Edison Braidwood 8902024 9003013 8902014 8902010 8902021 9003012 QCG-10272 EXHIBIT Page 4 of 4 May 21, 1996 Part No. 2-50F-049-004 Pump Serial No. Utility/Site 117947 Arizona Public Service - PVNGS 9012014 9012016 9012018 9012019 9012060 9109014 9103022 9109013 9109022 9109003 9109021 9102005 9109028 9012043 9003003 9003037 9012004 9012007 9012020 9012037 9103017 9103021 9103018 9109029 9109027 9109017 9109020 9109019 9012039 9012009 9012011 9012012 9012013 9012023 9012041 9103019 9103023 9103020 9103025 9109022 9109031 9103016 9109024 GENERAL INFORMATION or OTHER EVENT NUMBER: 30520 LICENSEE: COOPER ENERGY SERVICES NOTIFICATION DATE: 05/22/96 CITY: GROVE CITY REGION: 1 NOTIFICATION TIME: 09:24 [ET] COUNTY: STATE: PA EVENT DATE: 05/22/96 LICENSE#: AGREEMENT: N EVENT TIME: 00:00[EDT] DOCKET: LAST UPDATE DATE: 05/22/96 NOTIFICATIONS NRC NOTIFIED BY: JOHN D. MOWREY VERN HODGE, NRR/PCEB NRR HQ OPS OFFICER: LEIGH TROCINE EMERGENCY CLASS: NOT APPLICABLE 10 CFR SECTION: CDEF 21.21 (b) (2) DEFECTS/NONCOMPLIANCE EVENT TEXT POTENTIAL (10 CFR PART 21) MANUFACTURING DEFECT OF THE KSV EMERGENCY DIESEL GENERATOR (EDG) SYSTEM REPORTED BY COOPER ENERGY SERVICES. THE DEFECT CONCERNS THE FUEL INJECTION PUMP DELIVERY VALVE HOLDER (DVH) C-B PART NUMBER 2-50F-049-143, CONTAINED IN FUEL INJECTION PUMPS 2-50F- 049-004, 2-50F-049-005, AND 2-50F-030-004 SUPPLIED BY HAYNES CORPORATION. THE DEFECT NOTED HAS BEEN THE DEVELOPMENT OF CRACKS COMPROMISING THE INTEGRITY OF THE DVH. THE CRACKS COULD LEAK FUEL CAUSING DEGRADED PERFORMANCE AND/OR FIRE HAZARD. THE DEFECT HAS BEEN LIMITED TO DVHs WITH LOT NUMBER LCH-184, AND THE CRACKS BECOME APPARENT AFTER 160 TO 250 HOURS OF OPERATING TIME. THE APPARENT CAUSE OF THE CRACKING CONCERNS CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MATERIAL NEAR THE CENTER OF THE BAR FROM WHICH THEY WERE MADE IN COMBINATION WITH THE DRILL HOLE SURFACE FINISH. EVIDENCE TO DATE INDICATES THAT NOT ALL DVHs OF LOT NUMBER LCH-184 ARE PRONE TO CRACKING. HOWEVER, THERE IS NO NON-DESTRUCTIVE METHOD TO DETERMINE THOSE PRONE TO CRACKING. A TECHNICAL EVALUATION INDICATES THAT THE ENGINE WOULD OPERATE NORMALLY FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME WITH ONE OR MORE CRACKED DVHs AS THE LEAKAGE IS INSIGNIFICANT IN RELATION TO THE NORMAL FLOW. THE FOLLOWING FAILURES HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO COOPER ENERGY SERVICES: NINE MILE POINT 2 (AUGUST 1995), PALO VERDE (FEBRUARY 1996), ZION 2 (MARCH 1996), AND SUSQUEHANNA (APRIL 1996). THE ATTACHMENT TO THIS 10 CFR PART 21 NOTIFICATION LISTED AFFECTED PART NUMBERS/SERIAL NUMBERS FOR THE FOLLOWING SITES: BRAIDWOOD, BYRON, NINE MILE POINT 2, PALO VERDE, SUSQUEHANNA, AND ZION. IN ADDITION, PRELIMINARY INFORMATION HAS INDICATED THAT DVH LOT NUMBER 304 MAY ALSO BE PRONE TO CRACKING. ALTHOUGH NONE HAVE CRACKED TO DATE, COOPER ENERGY SERVICES IS RECOMMENDING CONTINUED MONITORING AND OBSERVATION. COOPER ENERGY SERVICES Quality Assurance Dept. 150 Lincoln Avenue Grove City, PA 16127 PH: (412) 458-8000 FAX: (412) 458-3563 PH: (412) 458-8000 FACSIMILE TRANSMITTAL TO: FAX #: COMPANY: FROM: TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES SENT: DATE: TIME: REMARKS: If you do not receive all of the pages, please contact us as soon as possible at (412) 458-3575 *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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