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                                        Wilfred Connell
ILLINOIS                                Vice President
  POWER                                  U-602634

                                         September 20, 1996

Docket No.  50-461                       10CFR21.21

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, D.C.  20555

Subject:  10CFR21 Final Report 21-96-004: ITT Barton
          Hydramotor Actuator Pump Assembly Failed to
          Develop Hydraulic Pressure During Testing

Dear Madam or Sir:

     On March 6, 1996, Illinois Power (IP) identified the failure of a
pump assembly for an ITT Barton series NH95 hydramotor actuator as a
condition potentially reportable under the provisions of 10CFR, Part 21.
The pump was withdrawn from stores and installed during an overhaul of
the actuator.  The function of the pump is to develop the hydraulic
pressure to operate the actuator.  During testing of the hydramotor
actuator following the overhaul, the pump failed to develop hydraulic
pressure.  The pump assembly was returned to the supplier, ITT Barton,
for inspection.  The pump assembly is ITT Barton part number

     Illinois Power notified the NRC via 10CFR21 Interim Report 21-96-004
(IP letter U-602580, dated May 1, 1996) that the evaluation of this
condition required under the provisions of 10CFR, Part 21 was not
complete, pending completion of an inspection by the supplier to
determine the reason for the failure of the pump to develop pressure.

     ITT Barton has completed the inspection and reported that their
initial test identified that the pump assembly was pumping but would not
develop pressure.  Testing of the solenoid valve in the assembly to
determine if it was operating identified that it was not operating.
After several cycles of energizing and de-energizing the solenoid, the
valve began working.  The pump motor was then re-energized and tested,
and worked per specification requirements.

     ITT Barton reported that the cause of the pump not developing
pressure was probably a result of some sort of contamination in the
solenoid dump valve assembly where small particles in the oil probably
lodged between the solenoid plunger and the tube

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during transportation and storage.  By cycling the solenoid several
times, the contaminant was broken loose from the tube assembly and normal
pump operation was restored.  ITT Barton is not aware of any similar
failures and has indicated that no corrective action is required.

     IP has evaluated the ITT Barton inspection results and concluded
that the issue is not reportable under the provisions of 10CFR21 on the
basis that the contamination and its origin are indeterminate.

     Additional information about this issue may be obtained by
contacting J. W.  Blount, Engineering Projects, at (217) 935-8881,
extension 3638.

                                   Sincerely yours,

                                   Wilfred Connell
                                   Vice President

cc:  NRC Clinton Licensing Project Manager
     NRC Resident Office, V-690
     Regional Administrator, Region III, USNRC
     Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety
     INPO Records Center
     ITT Barton


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