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Illinois Power Company
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Clinton, IL 61727

Subject:    Illinois Power request for failure analysis regarding ITT
            Barton pump assembly NS109761EQX07

Attention:  Mr.  Wilfred Connell
                Vice President

Dear Mr.  Connell:

ITT Barton performed a failure analysis identifying cause and corrective
action regarding the subject pump.  The attached analysis dated May 17,
1996 indicates that this is considered an isolated case.

I trust that this evaluation performed by ITT Barton will provide
Illinois Power the necessary information to allow the completion of your
potentially reportable 10 CFR, part 21.

Additional information regarding this analysis, if needed, may be
obtained by contacting the undersigned at your convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Ted Holdredge
Quality Manager
ITT Industries
Fluid Technology, ITT Barton

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                            FAILURE ANALYSIS

ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY                            May 17, 1996
Hydramotor Pump Assembly
Model No.  NS109761EQX07                Analysis By: R. Conner
Register No.                                         Proj. Eng'r


The customer stated that the pump assembly failed to cause the actuator
to stroke following installation.


The pump was basically intact, the one exception being that the two
fillister head screws that hold the pump together had been loosened,
apparently by the customer, during their disassembly from the actuator


The two screws were tightened and the pump was placed in the test stand.
Since this unit includes the X07 (120 VAC) solenoid option, a jumper
cable was connected to the solenoid valve that vents the amplifier
assembly when power is removed.  The unit was pumping but would not
develop pressure.

With the pump motor turned off, the solenoid was energized and de-
energized several times to see if the solenoid valve was operating.  At
first there was no discernible clicking, indicating that the valve was
not operating.  After several cycles the valve would buzz, then pull in,
and after several more cycles the valve pulled in without hesitation.
The pump motor was then reenergized and tested.  It worked per
specification requirements.


The problem encountered in this pump was probably caused by some sort of
contamination in the solenoid dump valve assembly where small particles
in the oil probably lodged between the solenoid plunger and the tube
during transportation and storage.  These particles temporarily jammed
the solenoid plunger due to the low forces that exist when the air gap
between the plunger and pole face is large.  By cycling the solenoid
several times the contaminant was broken loose from the tube assembly and
normal pump operation was restored.


A review of all consumer reports and after delivery reported problems
indicates that this failure mode is an isolated case.  Because there have
been no previously reported pump failures of this kind that could be
verified by testing at ITT Barton upon return from the customer, ITT
Barton engineering feels that no corrective action is required at this



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