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Westronics (Registered Trademark)

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March 22, 1996

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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Washington, D.C.  20555

Subject:  Firmware Bug, Enhanced Math package on Westronics Series 3000C

          and 3200C chart recorders.

Westronics has discovered a firmware bug that exists in association with

the Enhanced Math option of the Series 3000C firmware, version 3.0A and

above and the Series 3200C firmware, version 2.0A and above.

The problem is caused by an out of control software pointer.

Manifestations of the bug include changing of printed Log scale

endpoints, changing of programmed point output scales, the time of

20:xx:xx printed as 6C:xx:xx in margin logs and the random suppression of

point data from logs and the display.  The noted problems are triggered

specifically by the programming and trending of Logarithmic point types

and Log scales with the recorder in Trend Mode.  If the instrument is

equipped with the Enhanced Math option, but the customer is not using

Logarithmic point types and Log scales, the noted problems will not

appear.  The Enhanced Math option requires the presence of the PI100117

Option Decoder PROM.  Instruments not ordered from the factory with the

Enhanced Math option do not have the Option Decoder PROM installed and

will not experience the noted problems.  The problems that led to the

discovery of this bug were brought to our attention on or about March 12,


Westronics has been able to precisely determine which customers are in

possession of instruments configured with the required options and that

contain the affected firmware.  The single noted license holder has

received notification:

Southern California Edison    Serial Numbers: 3000C1004, 3000C1005,

                              3000C1006 and 3000C1007

Firmware Part Number: PI100072-01, -02, -03 and -04, Version 3.1A with

Option Decoder PI100117-01.

Customers may obtain updated firmware by contacting Westronics Recorder

Service department at 1-800-433-2184.

For further information, please contact the undersigned at (713) 348-



Westronics Inc.

Chris Kelly

Quality Assurance Manager

Thermo Electron

                    Westronics Inc. o 22001 North Park Drive, Suite 100 o

                                               Kingwood, Texas 77339-3804

                                  Phone: 713/348-1800 o Fax: 713/348-1288

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