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ACCESSION #: 9604090191

                        CRAWFORD FITTING COMPANY
                            SOLON, OHIO 44139

FRED A. LENNON                                       PHONE (216) 248-4600
   CHAIRMAN                                            FAX (216) 349-5970

                              April 3, 1996

Document Control Desk
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, D.C.  20555

Subject: Defects Potentially Reportable Under 10CFR21


We are writing further to our letter of February 26, 1996 on a possible
material defect in certain stainless steel Swagelok tube fittings.

An additional list of U.S. nuclear facilities to which these parts have
been sold is enclosed.  This is the same potential defect, and same part
numbers as the previous letter.  These are some new shipments that have
been uncovered during our investigation.

We have already notified all of these facilities about this possible

At this time we have recalled all the affected parts from our
distribution network, so we do not think any other notifications will be

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


                              David J. Johnston
                              Vice President & General Manager

cc:  WRC

SS-810-3                                HHT

Northeast Nuclear                       28 pcs.
Millstone Nuclear Plant
P.O. 512959
I.D. R15KA0506B

New York Power Authority                20 pcs.
Indian Point Unit III
P.O. B95I9120 R1s 006
I.D. R15JD0512B

SS-400-9                                GCZ

Baltimore Gas & Electric                25 pcs.
Calvert Cliffs
P.O. L10198NP
I.D. R15DE0511

Duquesne Light                          20 pcs.
Beaver Valley Station
P.O. D106368 Rel 151
I.D. R15A30539B

SS-810-9                                HBR

Peco Energy                             6 pcs.
Limerick Station
P.O. #LS265351 Rel 348074
I.D. 15L10512


Consumers Power                         8 pcs.
Big Rock Point Plant
P.O. G0191037
I.D. R15LM0540

SS-600-3                                HMD

Virginia Power                          10 pcs.
North Anna Station
P.O. BNT433884 Rel 167
I.D. R15LJ0508B

SS-600-3                                HMD

Texas Utilities                         100 pcs.
Comanche Peak
P.O. B0184631003
I.D. R15L50517B

Georgia Power                           31 pcs.
Plant Hatch
P.O. 60246880000
I.D. R15LJ0508B

SS-400-2-4                              HDR

Georgia Power                           15 pcs.
Plant Vogtle
P.O. 70185320059
I.D. R15IP0525B

Tennessee Valley Authority              10 pcs.
Browns Ferry Plant
P.O. P-90NJC-44792B-002 Rel 1111940
I.D. R15JD0502B


PSE & G                                 25 pcs.
Hancocks Bridge
P.O. 824805 Rel 003
I.D. R15JD0502B

Illinois Power                          50 pcs.
Clinton Power Station
P.O. 0704482
I.D. R15KL0531B

Detroit Edison                          25 pcs.
Fermi II
P.O. NM-313890
I.D. R15IP0525B

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