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N/Ref.: WSD-NUC/Q JG/NP 96110           Mulhouse, June 10, 1995

SUBJECT : Follow-up to notification of reportable non-compliance per
          10CFR Part 21   Issued June 1994 - Reference : NRC event #


Hereunder is an update to closeout the Part 21 Notification issued on
June 30, 1994:

1.  As previously reported by letter on August 18, 1994, Commonwealth
Edison Co.  (ComEd) was notified of the delivery of unqualified parts via
SACM Diesel Inc. faxes FA 07259401 and FA 07269406.  ComEd has decided to
address the part qualification by themselves (i.e.  ComEd will either
perform a Commercial Grade Dedication or discard the parts in question).

2.  SACM Diesel Inc.  (SDI) has performed two audits of SACM Diesel S.A.,
now called WARTSILA SACM Diesel (WSD).  The first audit performed in the
Fall of 1994 resulted in the determination that WARTSILA SACM Diesel
could not be returned to the SDI Approved Vendor's list (AVL).  The
second audit performed by SDI in July 1995 determined that the WSD
Assurance Quality Program was in compliance with 10 CFR 50 Appendix B,
and recommended placing WSD on the SDI AVL for supply of Safety Related

3.  All parts classified as Safety Related in the HOUSTON warehouse have
been evaluated as to qualification for use in Safety Related Service.
These parts were either found to be supplied by Appendix B qualified
suppliers, processed through a Commercial Grade Dedication Program,
determined to have been erroneously classified as Safety Related and
subsequently reclassified as Non Safety Related, or returned to WSD in
France to be used in a non nuclear application, or scrapped.
Verification of these actions have been performed during a joint audit of
WSD by ComEd and Northern States Power Co. in April 1996.

As reported on the SDI letter dated 1996, the SDI Quality Assurance
Program was closed on December 31, 1995 and all activities under that
program's juridiction put under the control of WSD France Appendix B
Quality Assurance Program.  This occured as a result of the consolidation
of the nuclear operations in the U.S.A.  back to the parent company in
France.  Thus, this Part 21 notification is being issued from WSD in


Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned for additional
information or clarification at the following phone number in France: +33
89 66 69 65.

Yours faithfully,


Jacky GERMAIN                           Eric de COLOMBY
Quality Assurance Manager               Nuclear Division Manager

1, rue de la Fonderie              Telephone: +33 89 66 68 68
Boite Postale 1210                 Telecopie: +33 89 66 68 30
F - 68054 MULHOUSE Cedex           Telex: 881 699 F

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RCS MULHOUSE B 946 650 686 Code APE 291 A
SIRET N degrees 946 650 686 00011 CEE FR 38946 650 686


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