Part 21 Report - 1996-260

ACCESSION #: 9602210279 WARTSILA DIESEL February 13, 1996 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555 Fax: 301 492 8187 ATTENTION: Document Control Room SUBJECT : 10 CFR Part 21 (Event Number 27467) Update This letter is being issued to notify you that as of January 1, 1996, the SACM Diesel, Inc. QA Program has been closed. Wartsila Diesel, Inc. (U.S.) has sold all SACM Diesel, Inc. (Houston) parts and components back to Wartsila SACM Diesel (France). Currently, the parts and components continue to be stored in the Houston warehouse at Wartsila Diesel, Inc. The person responsible for control of the spare parts, components, and processing of Part 21 will in the future be Mr. Eric de Colomby of Wartsila SACM Diesel in Mulhouse, France. His telephone number is 0-11- 33-89666908. For additional information, please contact Jerry Backus at 713 343 0234, Frank Donnelly at 713 782 0440, or Darrell Thornley 708 637 9945. Sincerely, Jerry Backus Former QA Manager, SACM Diesel Inc. Frank W. Donnelly Manager, Houston-Wartsila Diesel, Inc. Darrell Thornley Project Manager-Wartsila SACM Diesel, Inc. cc: E. de Colomby, WSD J. Germain, WSD D. Samfilippo, WDNA F. Donnelly, WDUS D. Thornley, WSDUS D. Felz, CECO Wartsila Diesel, Inc. Headquarters: 201 Defense Highway 6400 Westpark #340 Telephone: (713) 782-0440 Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77057 Telecopier: (713) 782-0226 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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