Part 21 Report - 1996-063

ACCESSION #: 9602060071 Worcester Controls A BTR Company January 31, 1996 NRC Operations Centre Document Control Desk U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555 Facsimile No.: (301) 816-5151 FROM: Canadian Worcester Controls Ltd. Glenn Kotack, C. E. T. Quality Assurance Manager SUBJECT: Final Report regarding 10 CFR Part 21 Notification initiated September 13, 1995 EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION: 3/4" ASME Section III Class 2 Ball Valves NATURE OF DEFECT: Ball valves contain "suspect" pressure boundary bolting. CWCL supplier (Cardinal Industrial Products) identified the bolts as originating from a heat lot charge that contained defective product. IMMEDIATE ACTION BY CWCL: An investigation was performed to account for the location of all suspect bolting which subsequently identified its use in the assembly of valves for locations as indicated below. Balance of suspect bolting was located in CWCL inventory 100% of suspect bolting has been accounted for. LOCATION OF COMPONENTS: A) T.U. Electric Company Comanche Peak SES, Glen Rose, Texas (4) valves S/N N94-0114-9, -10, -11, & - 12 B) Carolina Power & Light Company Brunswick Plant, Southport, North Carolina (4) valves SIN N94-0121-1, -2, -3 & -4 CORRECTIVE ACTION: A) Four valves which contained the suspect bolts were returned to CWCL to have bolting replaced. This was accomplished and the valves were returned to T.U. Electric. CANADIAN WORCESTER CONTROLS LIMITED, 20 MID-DOMINION ACRES, SCARBOROUGH, ONT. M1S 4A5 PHONE 298-1671 Worcester Controls A BTR Company (2) B) Upon receipt of initial notification, CP&L advised CWCL that (3) valves were in inventory and had been quarantined while the fourth valve had been installed. Due to the lead time required by CWCL to obtain replacement bolting, CP&L advised us they would procure replacement bolts from another source and would handle the actual change out themselves. C) Corrective action by CWCL supplier (Cardinal Industrial Products - Nuclear Division of B & G Manufacturing) has been summarized in their Final Report and submitted to the NCR (reference Event 29257 November 21, 1995). SUMMARY: All bolting identified by CWCL supplier (Cardinal Industrial Products ) as being "suspect" has been accounted for. Notifications were issued to all customers who had received any product containing the "suspect bolting." CWCL Corrective Action to have bolting replaced has been completed and is considered closed. "Suspect bolting" in CWCL's possession has been returned to the supplier. .................... Glenn Kotack, C.E.T. Quality Assurance Manager cc: Authorized Inspection Agency Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations Pressure Vessels Safety Branch Mr. Larry Calvert - ANIS CWCL Operations Manager - B. Rana CWCL Sales Manager - H. Klaus CARDINAL 10CFR21 File Sept./95 CANADIAN WORCESTER CONTROLS LIMITED, 20 MID-DOMINION ACRES, SCARBOROUGH, ONT M1S 4A5 PHONE 298-1671 *** END OF DOCUMENT ***

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