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Dear Sir or Madam:

Amersham is closing out the potential Part 21 defect reported to you in

an interim report on 8 Sep 95.  The interim report concerned a model 899

drive cable connector that pulled off the drive cable.

We have performed extensive testing to try and recreate the incident.

The results of the tests indicate that the drive cable connector performs

as designed and withstands the tensile test requirement of ANSI N432

after successfully completing the endurance test described in ANSI N432.

The endurance test was conducted using a setup that simulated use in the

Century type equipment as described in our letter dated 8 Sep 95.  This

setup was hypothesized to be a worst case condition due to the hard

impact the connector receives when returned to the stored position.  We

have been unable to recreate a scenario under normal operating conditions

that would cause the connector to pull off.

In addition a review of similar occurrences has shown that there was some

type of impact to cause the connector to pull off.  As there is no

indication of a defect in manufacturing, and the drive cable connector

performed as required as evidenced by the testing , we conclude that

there is no substantial safety hazard as a result of a defect and

therefore no Part 21 impact.

Please contact me if you require any additional information.


Cathleen Roughan

Regulatory Affairs Manager

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