Part 21 Report - 1995-218

ACCESSION #: 9510270234

                     Information & Support Services
                             P.O.  Box 3707
                         Seattle, WA 98124 2207

October 16, 1995

Document Control Desk
United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, D.C.  20555


Reference:     a)   Boeing Letter G-1151-RSO-92-365 dated August 31,
                    1992; R. S.  Orr to the NRC Operations Center

               b)   NRC Letter Docket No.  99901227 dated August 12,
                    1992; L. J.  Norrholm to R. S.  Orr; Subject:
                    Response to 10 CFR 21 Inquiry

Dear Sir or Madam:

In accordance with the reference correspondence and 10 CFR 21, Boeing is
sending the NRC the attached error notice(s) received from our former
software suppliers.  Because of unknown current addresses, the following
former customers were not notified:

     Reactor Controls, Inc.

     Echo Energy Consultants, Inc.

     Nuclear Applications and Systems Analysis Company (Japan)

     Nuclear Power Services

     Tenera Engineering Services

Error notices have been sent to our other former customers.

Very truly yours,

Sandra J.  Andrews
Nuclear Administrator
G-1151 M/S 7A-33
(206) 865-6248

Attachment(s): GTSTRUDL Program Report Form No.  95.24

Georgia Tech                              GT STRUDL  Registered Trademark

October 11, 1995

Attention: Nuclear Administrator
Boeing Information & Support Services
P.O.Box 24346, M/S 7A-33
Seattle, Washington 98124-0346


Dear Sir or Madam:

Enclosed please find copies of GTSTRUDL PROGRAM REPORT FORM No.  95.24
and a VENDOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM.  Please sign and return the VENDOR
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM to acknowledge receipt of the GTSTRUDL Program

Thank you for reviewing the Program Report and for returning the
Acknowledgement Form.

Best regards,
CASE Center

Catherine Lee
Configuration Control Manager


School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0355 USA

Computer Aided Structural Engineering Center
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Fax: (404) 894-8014

                   A Unit of the University of Georgia

                      GTSTRUDL Program Report Form

                                                          GPRF No.: 95.24

                                                   DATE: October 11, 1995

FROM:     Computer-Aided Structural Engineering Center
          Georgia Institute of Technology
          Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0355


x URGENT       Problem results in incorrect answers which may not be
               apparent or job aborts and cannot be recovered within the
               session or job.

  SERIOUS      Problem results in incorrect answers which are obvious or
               problem prevents completion of a particular user's task.

  MINOR        Problem can be worked around or problem poses high
               frustration factor.

 INFORMATIVE   Documentation error, program usage tip, user

Date Problem Confirmed October 11, 1995

Date Notification Sent October 12, 1995

Computers All

Operating System All

Version -From 83.01 to and including 94.01

Target Release for Correction 9501

Signature                               Title
R & D Division

Robert Abernathy                        October 11, 1995
Typed or Printed Name                   Date of Signature

Signature                               Title
Professional Services Division

Typed or Printed Name                   Date of Signature

                                                                Rev.  2.2

                      GTSTRUDL Program Report Form

                                                  GPRF No.: 95.24

                                                   DATE: October 11, 1995


     The MEMBER DIMENSIONS command in Volume 4 (Reinforced Concrete) will
calculate incorrect values for IZ and SZ for CROSS shaped members with a
value given for H2 (See Figure 2.5 -1, Volume 4).  AX, AY, AZ, IX, IY and
SY are calculated correctly.  Other shapes (RECTANGLE, TEE, RL, LL and
CIRCLE) are not affected by this problem.

     There is no workaround, and IZ and SZ for CROSS shapes should be
calculated using another method, such as by hand, The new values may be
input into GTSTRUDL using CHANGES mode:


          list1 IZ V1 SZ v2
          list2 IZ v1 SZ v2

       where list is a list of CROSS shaped members,
          v1 is the new IZ value, and
          v2 is the new SZ value

To verify the change:


Relevant documentation:

GTSTRUDL Users Manual, Vol.  4, Section 2.5, The MEMBER DIMENSIONS

                                                                Rev.  2.2


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