Part 21 Report - 1995-207

ACCESSION #: 9510160200


Nuclear Division of B&G Manufacturing Company, Inc.

  3873 West Oquendo o Las Vegas, Nevada 89118-3098
      (702) 739-1966 o Fax (702) 739-1960

September 26, 1995                                QAM-95-078

Document Control Desk
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, D.C. 20555

Reference:     10 CFR Part 21 Notification
               Event Number: 29257
               QAM 95-065, and QAM 95-070

Subject:       Interim Report Supplemental Results

This letter provides you notification that B&G Manufacturing Co., Inc.'s
Cardinal Industrial Products Division (CIP) has identified four
additional defective lots of 5/8 inch diameter x 3 inch blank Hex
Capscrews ASTM-A193 Grade B7 and one additional lot of 3/8 diameter x 6
inch blank Hex Capscrews ASTM-A193 Grade B7, from which orders were
processed and sold to customers by Cardinal Industrial Products, L.P.,
the entity from which B&G earlier this year purchased certain assets,
including the name.  The following is a list of those fasteners:

     *5/8 x 3 lot# 11128, Heat# CK256, Head Marking B7, C, TU1

     *5/8 x 3 Lot# 8975, Heat# 03092, Head Marking B7, C, MF1, Q5

     *5/8 x 3 Lot# 12180, Heat# L63051, Head Marking B7, C, CX1

     *5/8 x 3 Lot# 9040, Heat# CK256, Head Marking B7, C, TU2

     *3/8 x 6 Lot# 5247, Heat# 03067, Head Marking B7, C, MC1,L6

Attachment 1 and 2, to this report, identifies all of those customers
who, based on the records acquired by CIP from the prior owners, received
these suspect fasteners that could possibly create a safety hazard.  All
of these customers received these fasteners from the prior owner.  The
customers will be notified of this defect by CIP as a service to its
current customers and will be instructed to evaluate this condition in
accordance with 10 CFR Part 21 paragraphs 21.21 (a) (1) (ii) and (b) (1).

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CIP has completed its investigation and will provide a completed
reported within the sixty days specified in our previous correspondence.

Should you have any questions, please contact me at (702) 739-1966.

Sincerely yours,

David Z. Hathcock
Quality Assurance Manager

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     Attachment #2, 3 pages

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