Part 21 Report - 1995-202

ACCESSION #: 9509010203

Form EF-066
Rev B                                             REPORT NO.  39
Nuclear NNSOP 1.2.001

                         FINAL REPORT   10CFR PART 21            Pg. 1

PREPARED BY: Ed Grandusky               File No.:      F-36674 A/B/C/D
      TITLE: Nuclear Product Engr.      Serial No.:    T-36674 A/B/C/D
      DATED: 8/24/95                    Type:          GS-2N
       TIME: 4:30 ___AM/PM              Ref.:          N/A
                                        D-R Part No.:  75233A06
  PART NAME: Nut, Lock-Flexloc Reg Hgt. D-R Dwg. No./  75233A
                                         Rev. Level:   D

1.   Description of Defect or Non-Compliance:

     Regular locknut, SPS-Flexloc no. 21FA616, D-R p/n 75233A06 may be
     installed on governor valve linkages where the thinner locknut, SPS-
     Flexloc no. 21FK616, D-R p/n 75232A06 is required.

                              See Attachment, Pg.---- as required

2.   Safety Hazard Created or Non-Compliance:

     Inadequate thread engagement in the thicker locknut may result in
     linkage separation if the nut loosens from vibration and spins off.
     This will result in loss of turbine control capability.

                              See Attachment, Pg.---- as required

3.   Number and Location of all such components which contain this defect
     or fail to comply with 10CFR21:

     One confirmed misapplication at Calverts Cliffs.

                              See Attachment, Pg.---- as required

4.   Corrective Action by the following individual Ed Grandusky By Date

     All applications of thick nut p/n 75233A06 on control linkages will
     be reviewed to insure there application is correct.

                              See Attachment, Pg.---- as required

5.   Advice to Customer related to defect or non-compliance:

     Inspect all applications of locknuts on the control linkage for full
     thread engagement in locknut.

                              See Attachment, Pg.---- as required

Figure "TYPICAL ASSEMBLY" omitted.


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