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ACCESSION #: 9509210008

Nuclear Division of B&G Manufacturing Company, Inc.
 3873 West Oquendo o Las Vegas, Nevada 89118-3098
     (702) 739-1966 o Fax (702) 739-1960

September 12, 1995                                          QAM-95-070

Document Control Desk
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555

Reference:     10 CFR, Part 21 Notification 
               Event Number 29257 
               QAM 95-065

Subject:       Interim Report; Supplemental Results 

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter provides you notification that B&G Manufacturing Co., Inc.'s
Cardinal Industrial Products Division (CIP) has identified an additional
defective lot of 3/8-16x1 1/2" Hex Capscrews ASTM-A-193 Grade B7 (Lot #
09157, Heat # CK-256, and head markings B7, C, TS1), from which orders
were processed and sold to customers by Cardinal Industrial Products,
L.P., the entity from which B&G earlier this year purchased certain
assets, including the name.

Attachment 1 to this report identifies all of the customers who, based on
the records CIP acquired from the prior owner received these suspect
fasteners that could possibly create a safety hazard.  All of these
customers received these fasteners from the prior owner, and we have
notified the prior owner of this situation.  The customers will be
notified of this defect by CIP as a service to its current customers and
will be instructed to evaluate this condition in accordance with 10 CFR
Part 21, paragraphs 21.21 (a) (1) (ii) and (b) (1).

CIP is continuing the investigation and will provide a complete report to
the NRC as explained in our previous correspondence.

Should you have any questions concerning this issue, please contact me at
(702) 739-1966.


David Z. Hathcock
Quality Assurance Manager

Encl: Attachment 1
cc: NRC file

Attachment "10 CFR PART 21 NOTIFICATION LIST", Pages 1 thru 5, omitted.


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