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SUBJECT: 10CFR Part 21 Report

Please see the attached notification of a reportable condition.  The
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David F. Stone
Quality Assurance Manager



SUBJECT: 10CFR21 Report of Product Defect - Mismarked Amp #12-10
Insulated Lugs at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station - Southern
California Edison.

1.)  Description of Deficiency:
     AMP Inc.  #12-10 insulated lugs were found to have been used with
     #14 gauge wire in ABB 4160V-5HK and 480V K-Line Switchgear supplied
     by ITE in 1976.  The yellow (illegible) or the mismarked lugs had 3
     black stripes indicating for use with #16-14 gauge wire.  The lugs
     were stamped #12-10.  The use of the oversize lugs led to out-of-
     specification measurements during pull tests.

2.)  Location and Date:
     This deficiency was discovered at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating
     Station - Southern California Edison on March 14, 1995.  The
     switchgear was shipped in 1976.

3.)  Analysis of Safety Implication:
     A thorough analysis was conducted by San Onofre Nuclear personnel
     (see attachment 41).  The oversize lug connections have not failed
     and are not of an immediate reliability concern based on this
     laboratory analysis and the extended time frame the lugs have
     performed satisfactorily.  However, the mismarked lugs represent a
     potential source of failure from pullout due to any unusual load
     application (such as a seismic event) that could effect Safety
     Related Equipment.

4.)  Conclusions:
     Research indicates that the mis-marked lugs were probably delivered
     in a lot and were issued to manufacturing floor stock.  Therefore,
     other equipment supplied by ITE and Gould ITE in the 1975-1977 time
     frame might have the same type of mis-marked lugs, including
     equipment in 1E applications (see attachment #3).  K-Line and HK
     switchgear equipment with Amp insulated lugs should be inspected for
     mis-marked/oversized lugs and changed to the proper size lug during
     the next scheduled outage.  Contact Components Marketing at
     (407) - 323-8220 x13O, x131, x132, or x157.

5.)  Reference Documents:
     Attachment #1 - Report generated by San Onofre Nuclear personnel.
     Attachment #2 - Acknowledgment from AMP Inc. in regard to their
     evaluation of samples of the mismarked lugs.
     Attachment 43 - Customer List.

6.)  Corrective Action:
     All AMP lugs currently in inventory at ABB, Distribution Systems
     Division were inspected for this discrepancy on May 3, 1995.  No
     mismarked lugs were found.  Training was held with QA personnel on
     this finding.

                      ABB Power T & D Company Inc,

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7.)  Action to Prevent Recurrence:
     All AMP lugs utilized on Nuclear Safety Related switchgear will be
     subject to 100% inspection.

8.)  Point of Contact:
     Point of contact for ABB, Distribution Systems Division in Sanford,
     FL is David Stone, Quality Assurance Manager, (407)323-8220, ext.

9.)  Prepared By:
     This report prepared by David Stone.

10.) Reviewed By.

Aubrey Jackson - Total Quality Manager

Norb Hagenhoff - Vice President/General Manager

                      ABB Power T & D Company Inc,

Distribution Systems Division   Telephone:       Telefax
201 Hickman Drive               407 323-8220     407 322-8934
Sanford, FL 32771-18201                          (Marketing/Engineering)
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