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26 January 1995

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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Dear Sir or Madam:

Amersham is providing additional information concerning a report on a
potential Part 21 defect that was reported to you on 14 November 1994.

We have performed the additional testing and analysis as described in our
letter dated 14 November 1994 with the following results.  We performed a
design/tolerance study of the parts to assure appropriateness of design
and conducted a detailed dimensional inspection of the source/drive cable
connector components to obtain actual tolerance information.  This
tolerance study also included the effects of possible distortion of the
S-tube due to pouring of the shield.  These investigations revealed that
there was nothing in the design even in a worst case buildup of the
tolerances that could create enough of an interference to create a source
hangup or binding situation.

We have also performed cycle testing of the model 680BE SN 124 to
determine if the hangup would be recreated.  The model 680BE was cycle
tested 1054 with no hangups or unusual findings.  The system was fully
operational at the conclusion of the cycle testing.

As a result of these findings, we have not found any evidence of a
manufacturing or design defect, therefore we have concluded there is not
a Part 21 defect in the 680 or the associated equipment used in
conjunction with this 680 device.

I trust this provides adequate information to close out the Part 21
interim report on this device.  Please contact me if you require any
additional information.


Cathleen Roughan
Radiation Safety Officer

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