Part 21 Report - 1995-091

ACCESSION #:  9501310290

Philips Communications & Processing Services

November 28, 1994
Mr. Jack Spraul                                   Power Computing Company
U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
1 White Flint North
1151 Rockville Pike, MS-10A-19
Rockville, Maryland 20852

Dear Mr. Spraul,

Reference: Letter dated April 26, 1993, from Charlotte Guthrie to Jack
Spraul regarding the transition of the Electric Power Industry Business
at Power Computing Company(PCC).

Due to the continuing decline in CYBER services level, PCC management has
announced that effective December 31, 1994, it will no longer offer
computing services on its CYBER mainframe machines.  PCC has notified its
customers and its software suppliers of this decision.

Attached to this letter is a QALIB Release Register of the software
programs that are currently being offered under PCC's safety-related QA
program.  The QALIB Release Register also notes the system on which the
program runs.  All programs referenced in Sections A, B, and D(except
those lined through), will be removed from production and all users have
been notified of their removal as per PCC's Quality Assurance Procedure
305, Control of Application Software Products.  On December 31, 1994, a
last permanent file dump of the CYBER operating environment will be made. 
This permanent file dump, which will include the system software(SBLs and
SVSs) and application software, will be written to tape and stored at
PCC's offsite storage facility.  The CYBER machines will be eliminated
from PCC's data center.

Under the auspices of its QA program PCC contracted with its customers
and suppliers, of the above referenced software programs, to provide
10CFR Part 21 Reporting of Defects and Nonconformances services. 
Additionally, as per PCC's Quality Assurance Program, software suppliers
are required to have Part 21 reporting processes in place prior to being
placed on PCC's Approved Vendor List.  PCC is formally requesting an
exemption to the Part 21 reporting requirements for the programs listed
on the attachment as the software program suppliers have Part 21
processes in place and PCC will be unable to assist in any evaluation of
Part 21 reporting because the CYBER machines will be physically removed.

The termination of the CYBER services offering does not affect the
integrity of PCC's QA program.  If I can be of further assistance in
offering additional information during your consideration of this
request, please do not hesitate to contact me at (214)655-8744.

Kathleen M. Manning
Quality Assurance Manager

Attachment: QALIB Release Register, Effective date: 7/05/94

cc:  Robert R. Andrews, President, Power Computing Company 
     Ronnie J. Evans, Supervisor, Document Control Center 
     QA Records

                                             1930 Hi Line Drive
                                             Dallas, TX 75207-3399
                                             Tel: 214-655-8822
                                             Fax: 214-655-8836

                         QALIB Release Register

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

SECTION                  PROGRAMS                      PAGE NUMBER

  A                 Certified after 2-1-85                  1 - 2

  B                 Certified before 7-1-86 (B&W Program)     3

  C                 Removed from QALIB                      4 - 9

  D                 Certified before 1-1-89 (CDC Program)     10

Notes                                                         11

Effective Date: 07/05/94 re

Table "QALIB Release Register, Revision 33, Effective: 07/05/94", Pages 1
thru 10 of 11, omitted.

                         QALIB Release Register   Revision 33

Page 11 of 11                                     Effective: 07/05/94


(1)  0684 is termed LSTRUDL in documentation and it is the same as 83A2.

(2)  Access change only - original absolute unchanged

(3)  One Module Revised - see on-line Newsfile

(4)  Re-Release of previous Version

(5)  Removed from NPD C.P.I. Report for B&W internal usage.

(6)  Limited Access

(7)  Installed previously under B&W-NPD NPG-09-02-06 and qualified for
     QALIB, based on historical records, after 7-1-86.

                              TYPE Notation

VENDOR -       Vendor Supplied obtained directly from developer with
               qualified QA program.

PUBLIC -       Public Domain obtained from public domain libraries (eg. 
               National Labs).

PCCMOD -       PCC Modified Public Domain with PCC

PCCDEV -       PCC Developed directly by PCC.

SQAPLN -       Maintained by PCC under an SQA Plan.

ACQUIRED -     Software acquired under Commercial Grade procurement and
               documented in a manner suitable for dedication by PCC's
               EPI customers.  Discontinued

PCC -          Standard commercial software evaluated, placed under
QUALIFIED      configuration control, and documented in a Verification
               report by PCC.

CDC-DEV -      Code developed by CDC, acquired and grandfathered as-is. 
               Subsequent release will be under PCC QA Program (SQAPLN).

B&W-NPD: -     Program developed and certified by B&W Nuclear Power
               Division. Subsequent release will be Vendor type.

B&W-MOD -      Programs developed outside B&W, but verified and certified
               under B&W QA Program.  Subsequent release will be Vendor

                         REMOVE FROM PRODUCTION

(*)  Also physically removed from production on the system.  No longer

(+)  Not Available.  The Absolute was never in production.

(#)  Program available for Non-QA use (eg. APPLIB).

(**) Available for Technology use only through B&W-NPD.


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