Part 21 Report - 1995-075

ACCESSION #:  9504110101


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission                     March 27, 1995
Document Control Desk
Washington, DC 20555

Dears Sirs,

Pursuant to the requirements of Title 10 Code Of Federal Regulations Part
21, (10CFR21) and the Integrated Resources, Inc., Quality Assurance
Manual, Integrated Resources, Inc., is reporting a component defect in
General Electric, Co., Model Number 169C8805P002, which can cause failure
of the power supply.

This defect was verbally reported to the NRC Operations Center on March
24, 1995.  Integrated Resources, Inc., also provided Niagara Mohawk Power
Corporation and Cleveland Electric Illuminating advanced verbal
notification of this report on 3/24/95 and will provide each company with
a Fax of this letter.

1.   Name and address of the individual or individuals informing the

     John F. Brosemer, President
     Integrated Resources, Inc.
     113 South 9th Street
     Nebraska City, NE 68410
     (402) 873-5859

2)   Identification of the facility, the activity, or the basic component
     supplied for such facility or such activity within the United States
     which fails to comply or contains a defect.
     Power Supply, Switching, General Electric Model Number 169C8805P002. 
     This power supply was purchased by General Electric, Co., from
     Kepco, Inc., and was built by TDK of Japan for Kepco, Inc.  The
     Kepco, Inc. model number is RMX 24-D-20804.

     Facilities known to be affected: Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation,
     Nine Mile Point Unit 2, Cleveland Electric Illuminating, Perry
     Nuclear Power Plant.

3)   Identification of the firm constructing the facility or supplying
     the basic component which fails to comply or contains the defect.

     General Electric Co.
     Nuclear Energy Group
     San Jose, CA

         P.O. BOX 310 o NEBRASKA CITY, NE 68410 o (402) 873-5859

4)   Nature of the defect and the safety hazard which is created or could
     be created by such defect or failure to comply.

     Power supply output transistors Q15 and Q16 are under rated for the
     operating voltage.

     Q15 and Q16 are identified by Kepco, Inc. part number 519-0037 as
     Shindengen 2SC2507 transistors.  The specifications of these
     Transistors are as follows:

     I sub c - DC collector current, Rated Maximum  - 20 A.
     V sub (BR)CEO - Breakdown Voltage collector to emitter with base
     open - 400 V.
     h sub FE - Static forward current transfer ratio, common-emitter -
     Physical Package - TO-3var.
     P sub D - Power Dissipation, rated maximum - 200 W.

          Kepco, Inc., has informed IRI that transistors Q15 and Q16 will
          have a maximum working voltage of approximately 428 V at 3.5 A. 
          This clearly exceeds the recommended operating voltages of
          transistors Q15 and Q16.

     Both IRI and Kepco, Inc. have observed a high rate of failure of
     transistors Q15 and Q16. Failure of transistors Q15 and Q16 make the
     power supply inoperable.  This would result in any "Nuclear Safety
     Related" circuitry dependent on this power supply also inoperable.

5)   Date on which the information of such defect or failure to comply
     was obtained.  

     March 24, 1995

6)   Number and location of all components in use at, supplied for, or
     being supplied for one or more facilities or activities.

     The number of units, all facilities, and which systems with each
     facility, which were supplied these power supplies is unknown to 
     IRI, since IRI is not the OEM nor the distributor.  However,
     Perry Nuclear Power Plant and Nine Mile Point each use these power
     supplies in the Average Power Range Monitoring (APRM) System.

7)   The corrective action which has been, is being or will be taken; the
     name of the individual, or organization responsible for the action;
     and the length of time that has been or will be taken to complete
     the action.

     IRI and Kepco, Inc. have evaluated the power supplies and determined
     that replacement of transistors Q15 and Q16 is required.

8)   Any advice related to the defect or failure to comply about the
     facility, activity, or basic component that has been, is being, or
     will be given to purchasers or licensees.

     Failure of Q15 and Q16 causes failure of the power supply. 
     Integrated Resources, Inc., with assistance from KEPCO, Inc., is
     continuing to evaluate replacement transistors and possible
     circuitry changes necessary to implement a permanent solution to
     this defect.


                                             John F. Brosemer
                                             Integrated Resources, Inc.



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