Part 21 Report - 1995-064

ACCESSION #:  9503030338

Crystal River, Unit 3
Docket No. 50-302

February 27, 1995

U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Attention: Document Control Desk
Washington, D. C. 20555

Subject: 10 CFR 21 Report - Constant Voltage Transformers

Dear Sir:

Attached is a 10 CFR 21 Report which is submitted to provide supplemental
information to our Fax notification on January 27, 1995 relative to GE
Nuclear Energy supplied constant voltage transformers.


P. M. Beard, Jr.
Senior Vice President
Nuclear Operations



xc:  Regional Administrator, Region II
     Senior Resident Inspector
     NRR Project Manager

  CRYSTAL RIVER ENERGY COMPLEX: 16760 W Power Line St o Crystal River,
                   Florida 34428-6708 o (904) 795-6486

                       A Florida Progress Company

U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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                            10 CFR 21 REPORT


Florida Power Corporation (FPC),
Crystal River Unit 3 (CR-3),
15760 W Power Line Street
Crystal River, FL 34428-6708

FPC Contact: James A. Frijouf, Nuclear Regulatory Specialist,
(904) 563-4754.


GE Nuclear Energy, 175 Curtin Ave., San Jose, CA 95125

Purchased by FPC under Purchase Order (PO) # F740926D and F849019D.
FPC part No. 0068020058.


Constant Voltage Transformer, GE Part #: DJ 265A 1824P 001
Model Number: 9T91Y7244
Serial Numbers: 94G139-0001-D; 94G135-0002D; 94G657-001D; and 94G657-002D


Notified NRC Operations Center via Fax at 1605 on January 27, 1995


FPC purchased four constant voltage transformers (CVT) under the two POs
listed above.  Two were installed in vital bus inverter (VBIT-1D) in
December 1994, while the remaining two were located in the CR-3
warehouse, awaiting installation in VBIT-1B.


On January 26, 1995 at 1100, FPC personnel at CR-3 determined that, based
on additional information received from the vendor following receipt and
acceptance, two CVTs received for installation in VBIT-1B did not meet
the FPC purchase order requirements.  It was determined that the vendor
(GE Nuclear) used an incorrect acceptance criteria for the qualification
test and thus the FPC specified acceptance criteria used was not met by
the CVTs.

The PO required the vendor to supply product quality certification
attesting to full PO compliance [Certificate of Conformance (C of C)] to
ensure the qualification of the supplied transformers.  The CVTs were to
be provided as Nuclear Grade items with the provisions of 10 CFR 21
applicable.  The specifications were based on vendor supplied data which
called for a CVT with 118 VAC output with a tolerance of +/- 1%.  Based
on the supplied C of C the two CVTs were accepted.  Motivated by an
unrelated issue, FPC engineers subsequently requested and received a test
report from the vendor.  This test report reflected a discrepancy between
the PO required CVT voltage of 118 +/- 1% (116.8 to 119.2 volts), and by
the tested CVT voltage of 117 +/- 1% (115.8 to 118.2 volts).

U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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Having found this discrepancy, FPC personnel reviewed similar test
reports accompanying the two CVTs which were received earlier and
installed in vital bus inverter 1-D (VBIT-1D) in December 1994.  The
acceptance criteria used in this instance was likewise incorrect.


The NRC was notified of this potential 10 CFR 21 issue by FPC and the
vendor was also notified of this discrepancy.

The vendor supplied FPC with instructions on the modification of the two
CVTs located in the installed VBIT-1D, to return output voltage to the
required values.  FPC issued a Field Change Notice (FCN), modified the
CVTs and performed a Modification Approval Record (MAR) Functional Test
and Post Maintenance Test, and returned the installed vital bus inverter
1-D (VBIT-1D) to service.

Two CVTs located in the CR-3 warehouse, awaiting installation in VBIT-1B,
were rejected from CR-3 stock and returned to the vendor for rework and
testing to bring the CVTs within the specified requirements.

FPC recommended that GE Nuclear conduct a 10 CFR 21 review of this
deviation in the event that these transformers have been supplied to
other nuclear customers.  The vendor concurred, and FPC will review the
response from GE Nuclear to this issue.


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