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ACCESSION #:  9503100278

Edison    memorandum
                                             March 8, 1995

                                             INDIAN POINT STATION

TO:       Stephen Quinn
          Vice President, Nuclear Power

FROM:     Charles W. Jackson
          Manager, Nuclear Safety & Licensing

SUBJECT:  Preliminary Evaluation per 10 CFR Part 21
          Report of Condition: NUPRO Check Valves

A preliminary evaluation has been performed to determine if the condition
reported could create a substantial safety hazard and is thereby
reportable under 10 CFR Part 21.

The results of this preliminary Evaluation indicated that the subject
condition is reportable.

The preliminary evaluation justifying this determination is attached.


Date:                          Time:

                           NUPRO Check Valves

On January 23, 1995 while preparing to install a NUPRO Model SS-53S4 1/4
inch Lift Check Valve it was determined that the flow arrow marked on the
valve body pointed in the wrong direction.  Nine other valves delivered
in the same lot were also marked incorrectly.  The valves had been
purchased in August 1994 as commercial grade items for safety related
service and were dedicated by Con Edison.  A function check was not
performed.  our dedication plan has been revised to include a functional
check on all similar valves in the future.

We have determined that a substantial safety hazard did not exist since
none of these valves had been installed in the plant. However, since it
is possible that they could have been installed in safety-related
applications and since the non-conformance had been found after receipt
inspection and dedication, we believe that a defect, as defined in 10
CFR, 21.3(d)(1), did exist and, for that reason, this initial
notification as required by 10 CFR 21.21(c)(3)(1) is being made.

The vendor, NUPRO, has been informed of this condition and, upon
investigation, they believe it to be an isolated case caused by human

Further information, including corrective action will be supplied to the
NRC, in the 30-day written report required by 10 CFR, 21.21 (c)(3)(ii).


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