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ACCESSION #: 9502170233

                        CRAWFORD FlTTING COMPANY
                            SOLON, OHIO 44139

FRED A. LENNON                                    PHONE (216) 248-4600
   CHAIRMAN                                         FAX (216) 349-5970

                            February 7, 1995

Document Control Desk
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555

Subject: Defects Potentially Reportable under 10CFR21


We are writing to inform you about a possible material defect in
stainless steel Swagelok tube fittings or adapters.  The body of the
fitting in question is stamped with the heat code GNM.  It is only the
body of the fitting that is in question.

A list of the U.S. nuclear facilities to which these parts have been sold
is enclosed, along with the relevant part numbers.  All of these
facilities have been notified by us about this possible problem.

The type of defect is a strain crack, which occurs during the cold
drawing process.  If the geometry on the dies is not set correctly, a
small length of the bar may have an area that can crack.  This type of
crack would already be present in the machined fitting, and if not
noticed during installation, would leak immediately upon system

At this time we have only confirmed one fitting from this heat with this

We enclose a certified material test report from the supplier of the
material, Al Tech Specialty Steel Corporation.  The supplier has already
instituted a program of ultrasonically tested stainless steel bars that
we purchase and we believe this would aid in detecting this type of

We also enclose sales drawings showing the affected parts.  All of the
fittings in question are 1/8", 1/4" or 3/8" in size.

                        CRAWFORD FITTING COMPANY

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission
February 7, 1995

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


                                   Emery J. Zahuranec
                                   Vice President and
                                   General Manager

cc:  EPM

Boston Edison Company                   Product ID R14EK0519B
Pilgrim Station Warehouse
Plymouth, MA 02360
P.O. STR 1234909                        50 pcs. SS-400-1-4
P.O. STR 133575                         24 pcs. SS-400-1-4

North Atlantic Energy Service Corp.     Product ID R14EK0519B
Production Warehouse
Route 1
Seabrook, NH 03874
P.O. 91908                              100 pcs. SS-400-1-4

Northeast Nuclear Energy                Product ID R14DB0527B

Millstone Nuclear Power Station 063
Rope Ferry Road Rte. 156
Waterford, CT 06385                     38 pcs. SS-400-1-4

Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp.      Product ID R14D0538B
P.O. Box 411
Burlington, KS 66839
P.O. 500780-1112                        5 pcs. SS-6-TA-1-4

Florida Power & Light Corp.             Product ID R14FC0533B
Order #C94655 91013                     50 pcs. SS-200-1-4

Georgia Power Co.                       Product ID R14DT0525B
Plant Vogtle
Waynesboro, GA
P.O.70185320004                         100 pcs.  SS-400-1-4

Detroit Edison Co.                      Product ID R14DT0531B
Enrico Fermi II
Newport, MI 48166
P.O. NM 303553                          25 pcs. SS-400-1-4
P.O. NM 301426                          50 pcs. SS-400-1-4
P.O. NM 301652                          10 pcs. SS-400-1-4

Peco Energy Company                     Product ID R14DT0531
Peachbottom Nuclear Plant
Delta York County, PA 17314
P.O. PL 350399                          100 pcs. SS-400-1-4

Arizona Public Service Company          Product ID R14DW0525B
Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
Wintersburg, AZ 85343
P.O.60271371                            70 pcs. SS-400-1-4

GPU Nuclear Corporation                 Product ID R14F00539
U.S. Highway #9
Forked River, NJ 08731
P.O.0491425                             4 pcs. SS-6-TA-1-4

Peco Energy Company Product             ID R14DB0527B
Evergreen & Sanatoga Road
Limerick Twp., PA 19468
P.O. L5265351 Rel 348008                18 pcs. SS-400-1-4

South Carolina Electric & Gas           Product ID R14JV0504
V. C. Summer Nuclear Station
Jenkinsville, SC 29065
P.O. A660868                            5 pcs.  SS-6-TA-1-4
P.O. A658809                            Product ID R14F00539
                                        2 pcs. SS-6-TA-1-4

Quality Metal Products                  Product ID R14DT0527B
New Ellenton, SC
P.O. 1123                               1 pc.  SS-400-1-4

Southern California Edison              Product ID R14FW0522B
P.O. 6C274904/Rel 943X                  3 pcs. SS-5-TA-1-4

Table  "CERTIFICATE OF TEST (Al Tech Specialty Steel Corporation,
Willowbrook Avenue, Dunkirk, N.Y. 14048)" omitted.

Table  "Male Connector (tapered thread) - Swagelock Tube Fittings"

Table  "Male Adapter (tapered thread) - Swagelock Tube Fittings""

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