Part 21 Report - 1995-048

ACCESSION #:  9502170084

Cooper Industries
Reciprocating Products Division
150 Lincoln Avenue
Grove City,  PA 16127-1898
412 458-8000

February 7, 1995                             COOPER
                                                Cooper Energy Services

Our Ref: QCG-10059

Document Control Desk
U.S.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, D.C.  20555

Subject:  10 CFR Part 21 Report Revision 
          Master Power Connecting Rod

Dear Sir:

Cooper Bessemer Reciprocating Products Division has previously reported a
potential problem with the master power connecting rods utilized in
Cooper Bessemer "KSV" Emergency Diesel Generators in letter to the NRC. 
These reports are identified as QCG-3364 dated January 12, 1987 and QCG-
9995 dated November 9, 1994.

The purpose of this letter is to provide information as to ongoing
activities.  A review of-house records was conducted along with
representatives from Commonwealth Edison Company (CECO) and Arizona
Public Service in January 1995.

Four master connecting rods 7C0901, 7C0903, 7C0904, and 7C0905 were
identified in a letter to CECO on January 30, 1987, our reference QCG-
3419, as having some iron plating on the bail of the master connecting
rod.  Although there was not a structural concern at that time, the
recommendation was to return the four master connecting rods to Cooper
for further inspection.

In April 1989, the four master connecting rods were returned to Cooper
from CECO and inspection with ammonium persulfate confirmed that iron
plating was present on the one side of the bails but not in the
articulated art rod bore.  These four rods were evaluated at that time
(1989) as suitable for use by Cooper's Material Review Board and
subsequently returned to CECO in April 1990.  These four rods were
reassembled in an EDG at CECO, Zion.

With the failure at CECO, Braidwood on November 3, 1994, and subsequent
discovery in January 1995 that these four master connecting rods were
returned in 1989 with iron plating still present, CECO, Zion Station has
removed these master connecting rods from their EDG.  Cooper acknowledges
this action, and upon subsequent reinspection to determine the validity
of the 1989 Material Review Board evaluation, will issue a final report
on this matter.

Cooper-Bessemer o Enterprise o Penn

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February 7, 1995

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact J. M.
Horne, Manager Nuclear and Analytical Engineering at 412-458-3543 or J.
R. Schneider, Quality Assurance Manager, at 412-458-3434.



J. R. Schneider 
Manager, Quality Assurance

Copy To:
     J. D. Mowery - CES/GC
     B. R. Sedelmyer - CES/GC
     A. D. Gillette - CES/GC
     D. T. Blizzard - CES/GC
     J. M. Horne - CES/GC
     E. E. Roper - CES/GC
     G. S. Mishler - CES/GC
     File: K5fa10 Rev. 1


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February 7, 1995

Copies To:

Walter Haass - NRC                 Mr. Ted Fryar
One White Flint North              Houston Lighting and Power
Mailstop 9D4                       South Texas Project 
Washington, DC 20555               Wadsworth, TX 77483 
Mr. Michael Knebel, Inc.           Mr.  Thomas Bradish 
Entergy Operations, Inc.           Manager, Nuclear Regulatory Affairs
Waterford 3 SES                    Arizona Public Service
P. O. Box B                        P.  O. Box 52034 Mail Station 7636
Killona, LA 70066                  Phoeniz,  AZ 85072-2034  
                                   Mr.  Arthur G. Killinger

Mr. Dave Gustafson                 MPR Associates, Inc.
Commonwealth Edison Co.            320 King Street     
Braidwood Nuclear Power Station    Alexandria, VA 22314-32382
Route 1, Box 81                              
Braidwood, IL 60407                Mr. James Kenny
                                   Licensing Group Supervisor    
Mr.  Dave Baran                    Pennsylvania Power and Light
Commonwealth Edison Co.            Two North Ninth Street Annex 2     
Byron Nuclear Power Station        Allentown,  PA 18101     
4450 North German Church Rd.
Byron, IL 61010                    Mr.  Doug Mullen
                                   Nebraska Public Power District     
Mr. Terry O'Brien                  Cooper Nuclear Station
Commonwealth Edison Co.            P. O. Box 98
1400 Opus Place                    Brownville, Nebraska 68321
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Mr.  Lenny Schiavone
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.
301 Plainfield Road
North Syracuse,  NY 13212

Ms.  Kathleen Russo 
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.
Nine Mile Road - Unit 2
P. O.  Box 63
Lycoming, NY 13093

Mr.  Matt Heidorn
Pennsylvania Power and Light
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station 
P. O.  Box 467
Berwick, PA 18603


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