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ACCESSION #: 9412280141

Westinghouse         Energy Systems
Electric Corporation                     Nuclear Technology Division

                                         Box 355
                                         Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15230-

                                         December 21, 1994
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Attn: Document Control Desk
Washington, DC 20555

Subject:   Update to Action Plan Identified in Westinghouse Letter NTD-
           NRC-94-4320, dated 10/19/94

Reference:      Westinghouse Letter NTD-NRC-94-4320, N. J. Liparulo to
                NRC Document Control Desk, dated 10/19/94

The intent of this letter is to provide you with the current status of the
action plan identified in Reference 1. Reference 1 identified the
potential existence of a defect pursuant to 10 CFR 21.21 regarding the
pressure reducing sleeve locknuts on the JHF model safety injection pumps
supplied by Ingersoll Dresser Pump (IDP) Company.

The action plan indicated that IDP would perform a review of applicable
400 series SS parts and applicable heat treatments on other safety related
pumps it supplied to the nuclear power industry to determine whether the
defect applied to other parts of safety related pumps.  This review was
completed on December 15, 1994.

The results of the review indicate that the failure mechanism appears to
be limited to IDP pump parts that consist of 416SS, processed with IDP
"heat treatment HT-21" and taken from heat # 15899 and # 28144.  The
review has indicated that the impeller locknut, pressure reducing sleeve
locknut, split rings and impeller spacer sleeves of the JHF model safety
injection pump may be susceptible to the same failure mechanism.  IDP is
currently reviewing these parts to determine whether the part failure
would prevent the pump from performing its intended design function.  This
review will be completed by January 31, 1995.

If you have any questions regarding this correspondence, please call Mr.
H. A. Sepp at 412/374-5282.

Very truly yours,

N. J. Liparulo, Manager
Nuclear Safety Regulatory and Licensing Activities


cc:   R. E. Joines/IDP
      G. Morrissy/IDP



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