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Morning Report for March 22, 2007

Headquarters Daily Report

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Leadership Changes at Exelon Nuclear


Braidwood 1, Braidwood 2
Dockets: 05000456, 05000457
[1] W-4-LP, [2] W-4-LP
License No:

Exelon Generation Co., LLC
Byron 1, Byron 2
BYRON, Illinois
Dockets: 05000454, 05000455
[1] W-4-LP, [2] W-4-LP

AmerGen Energy Co., LLC
CLINTON, Illinois
Dockets: 05000461
[1] GE-6

Exelon Generation Co., LLC
Dresden 2, Dresden 3
MORRIS, Illinois
Dockets: 05000237, 05000249
[2] GE-3, [3] GE-3

Exelon Generation Co., LLC
La Salle 1, La Salle 2
Dockets: 05000373, 05000374
[1] GE-5, [2] GE-5

Exelon Generation Co., LLC
Limerick 1, Limerick 2
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania
Dockets: 05000352, 05000353
[1] GE-4, [2] GE-4

AmerGen Energy Co., LLC
Oyster Creek
Dockets: 05000219
[1] GE-2

Exelon Generation Co., LLC
Peach Bottom 2, Peach Bottom 3
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania
Dockets: 05000277, 05000278
[2] GE-4, [3] GE-4

Exelon Generation Co., LLC
Quad Cities 1, Quad Cities 2
CORDOVA, Illinois
Dockets: 05000254, 05000265
[1] GE-3, [2] GE-3

AmerGen Energy Co., LLC
Three Mile Island 1
MIDDLETOWN, Pennsylvania
Dockets: 05000289
[1] B&W-L-LP

MR Number: 3-2007-0006
Date: 03/19/2007

Resident Inspector Notified


Chris Crane, Exelon's Chief Nuclear Officer, has informed the NRC's Region III office about several changes in Exelon's executive leadership. These changes are effective beginning April 2, 2007.

Tom O'Neill, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Vice President, will fill the new position of Vice President of New Plant Development, a position created to support Exelon's new plant efforts in Texas.

Keith Jury, Director of Licensing, will fill the position of Vice President of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. According to Mr. Crane, Mr. Jury has more than 25 years of industry experience in the areas of Licensing, Regulatory Affairs, Maintenance, and Quality Assurance.

Glen Earl Chick, Vice President of Projects and Craft Labor, has been named to fill the position of Vice President of Outage Services, replacing Tyler Anthony, who will transition to a position in Energy Delivery.

Ralph Hunter, Director of Fuel Supply, will become the Vice President of Project Management. According to Mr. Crane, Mr. Hunter has experience with Westinghouse Electric in the area of Fuel Business Management.

Regional Action: Information Only

Accession Numbers:

Accession No Accession Date
ML070810013 03/19/2007


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RING, MARK A R3 (630) 829-9703 MAR@nrc.gov
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