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Morning Report for July 21, 2006

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Part 21 2006-0015-00 - Nuclear Logistics, Inc. - Defective Firing Boards




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MR Number: H-2006-0015
Date: 07/11/2006

Source Document: Letter

Reviewer: C. Vernon Hodge


Part 21 2006-0015-00 - Nuclear Logistics, Inc. - Defective Firing Boards

Nuclear Logistics, Inc., (NLI) notified the NRC on July 11, 2006, of a defect in the firing boards for Power Conversion Products (PCP) battery chargers (Part Number 0000913270) manufactured or refurbished between October 2002 and June 2006.

The firing boards contain two capacitors that are not rated correctly for the ripple current on the board. The incorrect capacitors (Vishay Part Number 109D) will fail prematurely due to loss of capacitance over time. As the capacitor degrades, the charger will become unstable and there will be voltage fluctuations. Degradation of the capacitors can be identified visually: the surface of the capacitors will become discolored with yellow or brown/black spots.

NLI has identified replacement capacitors that are suitable for the application and recommends that affected facilities return the circuit boards to NLI or replace the capacitors, which are available from NLI.

NRC contacted NLI by phone on July 20, 2006, and learned that the nine affected domestic nuclear power plants, Byron, Braidwood, Clinton, Nine Mile Point, Palo Verde, Point Beach, Quad Cities, River Bend, and Seabrook, have been notified and provided NLI Technical Bulletin TB-0948431-02, which contains a detailed summary of the issue and replacement options.

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